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Grammar Stories


(Reviewed Winter 2010)


Reviewer:  Jenny Young


Recommendation:  Recommended




Grammar story is one of the sub-categories in the ESL ESL is a fee resource site for language teachers featuring lesson plans.  The site provides information and material in five major categories: flash card library, lesson plan library, ESL bookstore, ESL job posting, and TEFL training schools. This e-book is produced and distributed by Red River Press, Inc. No author was listed. Since I am not a member of this Web site, I cannot have the full access of its content but am allowed to access the example the site provides, the “Grammar Stories” section that is under the “Lesson Plan Library.” 




Since it is a fee based resource site, I only signed up as a bronze member which does not require payment but access is limited only to sample lesson plans.  The grammar stories are mainly focusing on grammar for beginning to low intermediate ESL learning with stories that are real life related events.  For instance, the sample lesson plan that I can access is “Planning our next vacation” on present perfect.  After reading the vacation plan, a set of comprehension questions is given, after that, there is an exercise to create your own vacation plan with questions leading to students through writing practice.  The Flash Card Library is categorized by verb forms, propositions, grammar practices, special occasions, etc.  All the exercises are designed with cartoon illustrations.  They are interesting, real life related, and easy to read for the targeted levels.


Despite the fact that one must registered as a Gold member and pay $39.99 for six-months of full access to the lesson plans, I believe that it is a good resource site for teachers.


Subject Headings: ESL teachers, lesson plans, activities, commercial site