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Google Groups for ESL Teaching

(Reviewed winter 2012)

Reviewer: Mengjie Zhang

Recommendation: Recommended


This website, by the Google Groups, is for Chinese ESL/ESL teachers to communicate with each other about how to teach English well, solve their instructional problems, and improve their teaching practice together. The teacher can also find some teaching materials and learn from other colleagues. But you need to register first; otherwise, you cannot post your ideas. You can see the posts of others without registering. The website is totally free.


This website is a branch of Google Groups, and it provides a place for ESL/EFL teachers to communicate with each other about some good and bad experiences in teaching. It also gives the teachers the opportunity to discuss how to teach better and exchange experiences. Teachers can share teaching materials on the site, which new teachers will find especially helpful. Besides, we can find that if a teacher has difficulties in teaching, he or she still can solve the problems here and get an experienced teachers’ email address since every post includes the person’s contact information. In addition, a teacher organizes a teaching conference here to communicate with others face to face. This group really helps teachers to develop their teaching skills and techniques as well as find good materials.

Subject headings: ESL/EFL teachers, teacher discussion groups, teaching materials