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ESL Wonderland


(reviewed in Winter 2012)


Reviewer: Solange Binder

Recommendation: Do not Recommend


ESL Wonderland is a small site with very few resources.  The site seems to have not been update since about 2007.  It has links for free activities, links to external resources, and a guestbook.  The guestbook still has a link, but has been discontinued due to “abuse of the Guestbook page.”  In the external link section, some of the links no longer exist, but there are extensive lists under some of the categories.  Typically there are 2-5 links in each category, but the listening external resource link has an extensive list.  Under the activities link, there are 8 free lessons.  These lessons have either listening portions or online forms to fill in with answers.  The activities cover national issues.




I do not recommend this site.  The selection is very limited, and most of the materials are out of date.  The fact that some links lead to sites that no longer exist is off-putting.  The activities are interesting, but one activity related to the TV rating system is dated 1997.  It comes with a radio newscast, which is a nice resource, but I feel that in a modern classroom, this resource is obsolete.  I believe if a person did not mind that the information was not current or understood that the topics were no longer necessarily true, then it would be a good site to practice language, because there are neat little activities. I think that ten to fifteen years ago, this would have been a great site.  All in all, though, this site seems to have been abandoned, and now in the year 2012, it is outdated.


Subject Headings: ESL teachers, activities