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ESL Teaching Resources

Reviewed: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reviewer: Mansour Alghamdi

Recommendation: Recommended with Reservations


This website presents a list of some resources for the teachers of ESL/ EFL/ ESP/ EAP. The purpose of the website is to provide teachers with English learning resources by presenting a lot of website links. It is aimed at giving EFL/ESL teachers the opportunity to adapt these resources for use in their classes. On the website, you can share your post with some information like the date, title, and your suggestions. Some posters provide their posts and recommended videos or websites and some questions about them. On the right side of the website
page there are some links like 5 ESL links, animation, academic reports, comics/cartoons, ebooks, games, youtube EFL, writing, vocabulary, etc. Most of the links provide the searcher with a lot of information about the area he/she is seeking.


I think the purpose of the website is to supply ESL teachers with some useful tools and resources for ESL teaching. I would like to recommend the website with some reservations. This site is good for the teachers who want to get some ideas from the Internet, but it is not good enough for those who are looking for academic resources. The website also gives many links for fun and spending time in English environments. There are many links for teaching children. The organization is not really good, and the background color is confusing to the reader. In general, I think this website is not specific enough for the mentioned purpose. Also, some of the posts look as if they are not related to the English field and are posted randomly.

Subject Headings: Teaching Resources