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ESL Teaching Ideas

Reviewer: Pepper Moore

Recommendation: Recommend with Reservation


ESLTeaching Ideas is a comprehensive web site that gives classroom ideas to teachers of all levels to be applied in a multitude of situations.  The web site has links for grammar ideas, number games, and role playing ideas, just to give a few examples.  The site is aimed at teachers and includes links to other blogs and English language learning web sites.  The main headings for the web site are ESL Teaching ideas, ESL Games, ESL Conversation Ideas, ESL Music Ideas, ESL Grammar Ideas, ESL Logic Problems, ESL Book Reviews, ESL Web sites, and ESL Blogs.  Under those headings are a total of 65 collective subheadings, not including 8 advertisements geared towards ESL learners and educators. The blog is updated a few times a month on average, the last post being made on February 5, 2011.  There is a counter on the bottom of the home page that allows you to view older posts by year. 


I really loved this web site.  Even though the posts are not updated that often, the information on the site offers contemporary ideas, like vocabulary related to pop culture, and how to turn game shows into ESL games.  It also gives a new spin on classic teaching exercises like role-playing.  I would recommend the web site with reservation, only because it is a blog and does not necessarily offer tangible teaching materials.  It is a doorway to ideas.  I believe those ideas to be all inclusive, and ESL Ideas even has a music section, which is my favorite teaching tool. 

Subject Headings: ESL blogs, games, grammar, ESL, teaching, ideas