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ESL Teachers Board


(Reviewed Winter 2010)


Reviewer: Hope Jones


Recommendation: Strongly Recommend


The ESL Teachers Board is a site designed primarily for teachers, as the name would suggest. The purpose of the site is to provide a resource for teachers to post resumes, look for job openings, obtain lesson plans, share useful information, etc. The site also has a section with information for ESL schools and students.



In a word, this site is busy! It is busy in a good way. It has so much information. The site is primarily for teachers but has multiple sub boards for students and schools seeking teachers. The “Read Me First” section is an excellent place to start. It provides a user with the usual disclaimers and acknowledgements. It also sets the tone and context for what users might see. It is written in an informal and entertaining style, which may tickle readers but also relax them (after being overwhelmed by the possibilities). The site has over 50 sub boards. Some sub boards are active discussion boards. Others are places to post information or material (e.g., lesson plans, resumes or scam alerts). In any case, a user has the ability to reply to a post, thereby, opening a discussion of sorts.


The site sponsors are a mystery. I searched high and low, but could not find the site developers and/or main sponsor. ( listed the sponsors as “Teachers Board.” I could find no other specific information for Teachers Board, however. listed the sponsor as private.”) The site allows anyone to add a link as a sponsor. So, there are many links. There are also advertising banners running along on either side of the page, but they are smaller than the primary site information. All the links that I tried worked and each had so much information. What is helpful is that the site has a Google search feature. This is a timesaver since there are so many sub boards. It seems to be a great resource for teachers and ESL-interested people.


Subject Headings: ESL teachers, TESOL jobs, classroom resources, lesson plans