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ESL Printables

(reviewed winter 2010)

Reviewer: Ya-Wen Cheng

Recommendation: Recommended


ESL printables is a website that provides teaching sources for ESL/EFL teachers, such as worksheets, lesson plans, activities, tests, online exercises, etc. All resources in this website are created by teachers. If other teachers want to use them, they have to contribute their resources to this website. The website is created by Víctor Gayol who is an English language teacher in Spain.


ESL printables is a good website that is well-organized. I recommend the websites to teachers. However, people have to register for the website and send a printable to the creator of the website if they want to use the websites. Some criteria of a printable are also offered in the section of “Send a Pintable.” After that, if someone downloads one of your worksheets, you can get one point, which will be added to your account. In other words, if you get 10 points, you can have 10 downloads from other contributors. After you get 30 points, you become a premier user who can download 30 recent contributions for free. Therefore, everyone has to create his/her own materials and contribute them to the website. It is an interesting rule that can encourage teachers to create their own materials, not just get others’ materials without doing anything. Teachers can learn form each other’s materials and give their comments to make material perfect.

There are three main topics which target different levels, including vocabulary, grammar, and others. Teachers can find their desired materials by choosing different subtitles of each topic. There is search engine in the center of the website so teachers can limit what they want to find and materials can be found easily. In addition, teachers can choose materials in different categories, such as “alphabet,” “most download” or “latest ones.” Materials are updated on an on-going basis and dates are also presented in all materials. There are some descriptions of the activities, worksheets, lesson plans, etc. Nevertheless, there are some mistakes which words are not English in those descriptions.

The “links” section of this site provides a variety of websites for teachers and learners with short description of the websites. It is organized because it is divided by different skills. Hence, it is easy for users to find the desired items.

The “forum” section, classified into different categories, is used by teachers to ask questions. Teachers can post their answers or give comments in this forum. Users can use the search engine to find their desired information. In short, teachers can share their creations with each other. Besides, they can give comments on each other’s materials and make them be better. However, teachers should be careful when they utilize these materials because materials are posted by registered users without any explicit criteria or review process.

Subject Headings
: ESL teachers, handouts, forums