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ESL Mania

(Reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer: Julia Tran

Recommendation: Recommended

Description is a teachers' resource web site with many different kinds of topics. The site has materials on topics such as idioms, grammar, accent reduction, and business English. Teachers can use this site to create lesson plans centered on these topics. Two resources that could be valuable to teachers are the classroom materials and the ESL books section.


I recommend this site because each topic has a lot of links under it. For example, under ‘classroom materials’ you will see resources for ESL games, ESL exercises, and even pronunciation activities. The only problem I see is that these links do not provide much information after you click on them. For instance, ESL games only consist of three games. However, I think the most valuable resources here are the ESL Books and Idioms. They have a long list of recommended ESL books for certain topics of English and each book will come with a picture and a description of what is inside. The Idioms links provide great examples and explanations of English idioms in everyday and business life.

Subject Headings: ESL materials, ESL teachers