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(reviewed Winter 2010)
Reviewer: Amy Altmiller

Recommendation: Recommended


Description is a Web site with extensive ESL resources for both adult and child ESL learners. The site contains links to over 2300 printable worksheets, video lessons, interactive lessons, links to other useful ESL sites, and even PowerPoint lessons. The lessons cover listening, speaking, reading, and writing content. The site was created in 2005 and is regularly updated by a group of full-time teachers (Kisi, Kieren, Mrs. Zhong Yong Hong, and David Wei Huang).




I highly recommend keeping this site in your bookmarks. It is a rich resource of ESL material in worksheets alone. Among the thousands of printable worksheets are many game ideas and printable games for ESL teaching; the collection appears to be a nearly inexhaustible! There is so much available on the site that it can be a bit hard to navigate, although the search engine provided on the site is a good way to find something specific. The organization could be a little better, but the search engine balances that out. It is a great site to simply stumble upon new ideas. The site also provides a good deal of self-study material in the form of interactive exercises, quizzes, and videos. One final comment about the site, however, that is good to note: there is at least some British influence. I noticed one instance of the word "learnt" and some of the videos are spoken with a slight British accent. This may influence some of the material so that it is not useful for American teachers, but that material can be avoided and there will still be plenty to use.


Subject Headings: ESL teachers, adult learners, children, lesson plans, video