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ESL Flow

(reviewed Fall 2008)

Reviewer:  Wijarinee Muensa

Recommendation:  Recommended


This Web site is mainly designed for teaching English. In fact, this Web site is a link collector, which means that it collects different resources and groups them together into similar topics. For example, the brainstorming group includes brainstorming for teachers, brainstorming ideas and techniques, and brainstorm exercises/activities for specific topics. Keywords mainly organize this Web site. The first page on the site has three main topics on the top: elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate. Also, there are many quick links on the first Web page which haven’t been divided into different groups and include topics like searches, icebreakers, brainstorming, role plays, vocabulary, etc. The bottom part of this page is current favorite links. There is no author mentioned on this Web site; however, the University of Phoenix is the sponsor for


The Web site is more like a link collector which groups information by key words. There is no obvious organization. The first impression for this Web site is not so good since the design of the Web pages is not easy to use, and it is full of colorful key words without organization.

However, its colorful webpage grabs attention easily. Also, the topics are separated into teaching levels (elementary, pre-intermediate, and intermediate). It has benefit only for ESL teachers since it is full of resources, material, lesson plans, and activities for ESL teachers to use in their teaching. Another drawback of this Web site is that some links do not exist.

In sum, I recommended ESL flow because it is beneficial for teachers; however, this Web site’s lack of organization means that teachers will have to search for information carefully.

Subject Headings:  ESL teachers, link collector, ESL Web resources