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English the Easy Way

Review date 2/9/10
Reviewer: Alison Trent
Recommendation: recommend with reservations

This website has several categories of information to choose from on its home page, such as grammar, writing skills and speaking. It also has links to other resources that you may find helpful, such as Huntington English tutors, ESL Grammar Class, and How to Speak English. Many of the sections you can click on have explanations and examples, including an explanation of the difference between ESL and EFL. I was unable to find any sponsor. If you click on the “contact us” icon you get the email of someone named Lisa, but no other information.



This is a nice, easily navigable, website. The writing is easy to read, and when you scroll the mouse over it, most of the words become larger so that you know what you are going to be looking at. The descriptions, explanations and charts used can be helpful, although they would be difficult for most English learners to follow, so the site might be best for advanced-intermediate and advanced students.


This website offers an editing and proof reading service, which you must pay for through Paypal, but just looking at the examples and explanations is free. The proofreading service is charged per page. Simple proofreading is $2 per page, basic editing is $3.50 per page, and what they are calling “intensive editing” is done for a flat fee that they will quote you when you email them the document. While I am not certain how well this editing will be done, it is a nice feature to have if you cannot find someone else to help you. There are, though, no examples of papers for you to look at that could help you in writing your own.


Overall I would recommend this website with a few reservations, while I would be leery of paying over the internet for editing services, and some of the advertisements on the web page can seem like parts of the site itself - leading to the occasional mistaken click to other sites (usually the adds are related to learning English though, mostly tutoring centers) – and some of the explanations and descriptions are sparse, I think that this can be a good web site for your more advanced English learners who need some more explanation to clarify some things, like grammar rules, much of which are explained in chart form.


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