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English Grammar on the Web 

(reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer: Bethany Helmus

Recommendation: Recommend

English Grammar on the Web from Georgia State University is a resource Web site mainly for ESL/EFL teachers. It provides links to many other useful sites in the areas of grammar and writing for teachers and students. It also offers numerous lesson plans, an array of useful grammar lists of rules, an annotated bibliography of grammar articles, a course syllabus with activities, and various teaching activities.

I recommend this Web site because it has organized links to other useful Web sites and has many lesson plans. This Web site is a useful resource for the ESL/EFL teacher. The topic-specific lesson plans, created by graduate students, are extremely valuable for new teachers, and there is a whole section of links to grammar and writing activities. Grammar lists on topics such as irregular verbs, conjunctions, and spelling rules are included. The links to annotated readings on English grammar would be useful to a student trying to find articles to use for research. Links to other grammar resources are included, with short descriptions. An article on web-based courses is an interesting read. The one issue with this site is that the links on the “Links to Web-Based Activities” are broken, but there are enough activities in the “Looking for ESL/EFL Teaching Activities” to suffice.

key words: grammar, lesson plans, annotated bibliography, grammar lists, syllabus, teaching activities