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English Daily

(Reviewed Winter 2010) -- see below for Winter 2011 review


Reviewer: Hope Jones


Recommendation: Recommend with Reservations


English Daily is a website designed for a general student audience. The purpose of the site is to allow anyone to learn English at his or her own pace. The site has 16 topic areas for study (e.g., Daily Business Help, Quotes, Proverbs, Word of the Day, etc.) and a newly added “community” portal, which has features of a social networking site. It also has a section for newsletters and additional links.


Even though its organization is simple, it is not a site for beginners. It is divided into four main sections: (1) Home, (2) Links, (3) Newsletter and (4) Community. “Home” contains the primary site content. It is divided into 16 sub sections that have some entertaining and relatively useful activities. However, there are very little to no instructions provided. Some sample sections are “Word of the Day,” “Slang,” “Daily Article,” “Proverbs” and “Travel Tips.” Again, there is usefulness in each of the topics covered. Students can learn English inductively, so to speak. The site is light on direct instruction. It might be more useful for teachers using the information to support additional classroom activities. I could not imagine a lower-level student approaching this site and obtaining useful, contextual information about English.

In addition to its sparseness, English Daily seems more interested in passively promoting its additional services. Banners on either side of the page send users to links for commercial services. The site sponsor is English Portal, which is operated by English Portal International GbR (EPIG). EPIG is a for-profit, German-based company that provides paid language (not just English) services and software. The site presumably offers registered users more than what I have evaluated. As EPIG’s “Terms and Conditions” mention, EPIG offers registered users a paid, online service platform and the ability to purchase materials. You must be a registered user to receive the newsletter, to join the community and to order materials. No site or sponsor must offer anything free; however, this is essentially all the site offers. Overall, the site has limited utility for an English learner.

Subject Headings: ESL students, self-study

(Reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer:  Angie Lee

Recommendation:  Recommended


This Web site was created by an ESL learner who had trouble learning English. This Web site contains a lot of information for ESL learners. It is organized under the categories: conversation, grammar, American idioms, business idioms, slang, comprehension, proverbs, TOEFL vocabulary, English exercises, English news, common English mistakes, ancient Chinese stories, and movie lines.


I would recommend this Web site to ESL learners because there are many activities and tests on this Web site. It is friendly to use. One great feature is that the vocabulary words or important words are highlighted in another color. This Web site caters to students of all different interests and includes idioms, slangs, proverbs, conversations, movie lines, and academic English. If students are not interested in academic English, they can look at idioms, slang, and proverbs. They can practice them every day. There are many different quizzes that students can practice to improve their TOEFL and academic vocabulary knowledge. A negative feature is the advertisements all over the Web site. In the conversation section, the Web site has an explanation for conversation. Students can practice the conversations and also understand how they can be used in everyday talk.

Subject headings: ESL students, conversation, grammar, idioms, slang, proverb, TOEFL vocabulary, common English mistakes, stories