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EL Civics for ESL Students


(reviewed in Winter 2012)


Reviewer: Solange Binder

Recommendation: Strongly Recommend


EL Civics for ESL Students is aimed at ESL students and ESL teachers whose main focus is civics, government and teaching students aspects of U.S. culture.  This website seems to be a wonderful source for immigrants who are preparing to take the Civics Test or who are working to get citizenship.  It offers lessons on U.S. civics, national holidays, famous Americans, U.S. geography, along with basic life skills for ESL learners.  It also offers photo tours and external links recommended for ESL students.  For teachers, this website offers free worksheets, games, PowerPoint presentations and lessons.    This website is created and updated by Christina Niven.




I strongly recommend this website because of how extensive and well done the resources are. Even if you are not teaching Civics or preparing students to take the citizenship test, there are so many other resources available.  There are activities available on any topic you can think of.  It seems like every time you click on a link, there will be at least 10 available activities or resources on that specific topic.  The PowerPoint presentations from this website were impressive considering they were free.  The lists of civic and governmental topics were vast, and the amount of free worksheets available was impressive.  Although the website seems to be geared mostly towards adults, there are still worksheets and PowerPoint presentations available for young learners.  This website seems like a good resource for any teacher.


Subject Headings: ESL teachers, ESL students, EL Civics, citizenship test