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ESL Lesson Plans and Resources

(Reviewed February 6, 2011)

Reviewer:  Noni Garner

Recommendation:  Not  Recommended


Caifornial State University, Northridge, disseminates information on teaching web sites through several windows.  This particular window is called ESL Plans and Resources and contains links to other ESL websites.


The window is divided into two areas, ESL Lesson Plans/Activities and ESL Resources.  Each area lists names of other web sites with a description of what each web site offers. Clicking on each name is supposed to link you to the site, which you may then explore further.  I clicked on 21 sites.  Responses to about half of the clicks led me to error messages or to other unrelated sites.  I conclude this window is no longer monitored.  Of the three links to areas of Dave’s ESL Café, two led to error messages; one link was successful.  I did find, however, a great web site for creative writing, PIZZAZZ.

The window includes no information on the sponsor or its history.  I happened upon it by accident, and it was only through further investigation of the address that I realized it was related to CSU Northridge.

This web site is not recommended because it is not monitored or updated.