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(Reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer: Angie Lee

Recommendation: Highly Recommended


This Web site is created by Randall Davis who wanted to give students opportunities to build their communication through conversation starters. The conversation categories include: in the community, at home, holiday or special events, vacation at school, at work, in your free time, and relationships and family. In the conversation topics in each category, the web site includes: a listening and reading section, vocabulary exercise, discussion, role play, and online investigation.


I would highly recommend this Web site to ESL teachers. Each conversation topic is organized as an individual classroom lesson so the teacher does not need to prepare anything. He or she can just use the material from the Web site in his or her classroom. The teacher can play the audio while students read from the text. The text is a good resource because students can know the context of the conversation and know how they can use the conversation in their daily lives. Also, this Web site focuses on the vocabulary in the reading so students can increase their vocabulary knowledge. Next, there is a discussion where the teacher can ask questions and start conversation amongst the students. Some of the conversation topics have role plays, which are a great opportunity for students to know how to make conversations and use vocabulary in conversations. Students can apply what they learned through an online investigation, which would be appropriate for homework.

Subject headings: ESL teacher, conversation, reading, vocabulary