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Daily Writing Tips

(Reviewed Winter 2010)

Reviewer: Yongzhen Wu

Recommendation: Recommend


This website is designed for the people from all walks of life who are trying to gain the ability to write clear and beautiful essays. Furthermore, the website aims at providing simple and effective daily tips to improve the learners’ writing, in a format easy to fit into learners’ busy work day schedules. However, the website isn’t tailored for the ESL or EFL learners, although it is appropriate for those group of learners.


I recommend this website to the learners who are seeking effective writing tips but with little time commitment. Due to the simplicity and briefness of the content, it doesn’t touch the depth of writing philosophy.

The editor of the website has taught English in the United States, France, and the U.K. She also holds a doctorial degree in comparative literature from the university of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Besides, she has published many non-fiction and fiction, and she is a prolific writer.

The information provided is well-organized and updated regularly. The sponsors are some renown companies, one of them is a subsidiary of Fundcraft Publishing Company, a book publisher for over 75 years, and one of the nation’s most trusted names in Fundraising cookbooks.

The “Archives” section chronicles the tips provided, and the latest tip is put on the top. The section provides numbers of beneficial materials for writing like word information, popular terms appearing in the formal writing, some interesting stories of applying certain phrases and so on.

The “misused words” section exemplifies the inappropriate usages of certain words in terms of the collocations and connotations of the corresponding vocabulary items. This section is helpful to ESL or EFL learners who are not sure about the exact usages of the particularly vocabulary. The “grammar” section provides with learners with “Archives for the ‘Grammar’ Categories”. Through learning these tips, learners can avoid making “popular” errors in writing.

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