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Centre for Independent Language Learning

(reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer: Helen Ly

Recommendation: Recommend with Reservations


The English Language Centre (ELC) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University provides a Web site of resources for its students called the Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL).  For students at a polytechnic university, the site mainly displays speaking materials for English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English in the Workplace (EIP), and English for Professional Purposes (EPP). 


I would recommend this Web site with reservation primarily because the target audience is the students attending the university, but it still provides some useful tools and resources for ESL students studying in similar fields and also ferociously promotes independent learning.  Many of the resources provided are lists of books provided physically at the ELC, and not so useful to any other learner looking at the Web site.  However, the Web site has many different activities to aid in learning English while preparing for a job interview.  One of the activities is a simulation of a job interview where the students must choose their responses and the program shows what the interviewer will think based on their responses, and also comment on the grammatical correctness and politeness of the chosen responses. 

As part of the promotion of independent learning, the Web site provides a “Needs Analysis” section with a “Needs Analysis/Planning/Studying/Assessment” form with examples as well as links that lead to other services of the university.  While this Web site gives thorough guidelines and activities for practicing grammatical correctness and sociolinguistic competence for the workplace and tips for independent learning, it is more tailored to students currently attending the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and should not be the only resource used for learning EAP, EIP, or EPP.

Subject Headings: ESL students, EAP, EIP, EPP, interview simulation