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Boggle's World: ESL Activities for Adults

(reviewed Winter 2012)

Reviewer: Laura King

Recommendation: Strongly Recommended


Boggle’s World is a website designed for teachers of ESL.  They have created levels for adult learners--Adult ESL1 through 5.  (The companion website, Lanternfish, which is the first link on the task bar, is geared more towards children.)  There are four contributors/editors/writers listed, three of whom are currently teaching in Korea and one in the United States: Chris Gunn, Stephen Gordon, Cam Lirette, and Thomas Lavelle.  Many of the worksheets are available in Korean!  The contributor’s “aim is to bring printable quality resources to teachers and parents.”


I highly recommend this site because it so full of great, FREE worksheets!  Obviously, it would only work as a supplement to a (structured) textbook.  The center column has the worksheets; the column to the right is advertisements for related topics, but they do not distract as some advertising can.  The worksheets run the gamut of ice-breakers, surveys, and games.  There are themed worksheets, too.  Currently (right before Valentine’s Day), there is a link called “Love and Relationships” which leads to more worksheets, cloze activities, and two levels of crossword puzzles.

Since this site is for adults, the topics of the activities themselves would be very useful for them.  There are activities geared around job interviews, socializing, giving advice, and other topics that could lead to fun and informative debates and discussions (such as life on Mars and writing laws to prevent “annoying behavior”).  Though any adult ELL could access and use this site, I would recommend it for use by teachers, especially since many of the resources promote active discussion.

Subject Headings: Adult ESL learning, ESL games/worksheets