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Business English Videos for ESL

(Reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer: Bethany Helmus

Recommendation: Recommend with Reservation

Bizpod’s YouTube channel has a sampling of the videos available on their full Web site, Each video is about 10 minutes long, and new videos are added continually.  Business English Vocabulary clips present words that common in business and they do this through a PowerPoint presentation. Grammar lessons show a teacher explaining common grammar problems, and email writing videos show step-by-step instructions and explanations for editing emails for specific purposes.

I recommend this Web site with reservation because it is shows only videos about Business English. If you’re looking for help with specific areas of Business English, this is a great Web site, but if you’re a student looking for help with English, only a few items here will apply to you. The site consists of 37 videos in three categories. Business English Writing Lessons for ESL go over how to “tune up” emails. The audio explains what needs to be changed and why, and the visual video shows the email and how it is being fixed. Business English Vocabulary for ESL clips describes an aspect of business (such as marketing) out-loud and on-screen, with the new vocabulary in a contrasting color.  The new vocabulary is then gone over in depth. Advanced English Grammar Lessons, called Chalk N Talk in the videos, are exactly what they sound like. The clips give simple, straightforward explanations with examples about topics such as passive voice, ING forms, and causative verbs.

The one thing I don’t like about this Web site is the video titles. They are very long and the main topic of the video is at the end of the title, so it usually gets cut off. For example, the Chalk N Talk about Perfect Tense has a title of Advanced English Grammar Lesson for ESL - Perfect Tenses, and only the bolded part appears on the video playlist, so you need to click on the video to know what it is about.

Key Words: business English, videos, email, vocabulary, grammar lessons