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(reviewed Winter 2010)

Reviewer: Heeyoun (SuJin) Lee

Recommendation: Recommended with Reservations


The Web site has been created for ESL/EFL students and teachers by Bob Wilson who is an English teacher in Spain. The site contains grammar and vocabulary exercises for students and many teaching resources for teachers such as class planning, flashcards, games, and tests. The site has a ‘Teachers’ Book’ section which has actual teaching materials with detailed instruction guides from his experiences. He also posted video lessons he performed and related web links.


I would like to recommend this site for newer teachers who want to get some ideas from other teachers’ notes. You can get many useful hand-outs for your classes from Bob’s teaching handbook, which was published in 2009 as a pdf file to share. It has .pdf file format handouts and materials for oral drills, questions, role plays, conversation topics and games. One caution I would like to draw attention to the tips and materials are from his experiences teaching Spanish speaking English learners, so there are many activities and exercises which focus on Spanish speaking English learners. There are also audio supplements for listening practice with scripts that can be downloaded. Each script indicates the level, the grammar key point (e.g., BE in present simple), readability (e.g., 6.79 by Coleman Liau index) and word counts. I think it is useful information for teachers when it comes to assessing a student’s proficiency level. The site has well organized lists of online resources for teachers and students. Web links for lesson plans, methodology, e-learning software would be helpful for teachers especially.

Subject headings: ESL teachers, handouts