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Web Evaluations

These evaluations were completed as part of the the M.A. in English: TESOL option.
A Model Web Site Evaluation for Dave's ESL Cafe can be found here and shows the process used to create these types of evaluations.

To access the evaluations, click on the live link on this page.

1-language (reviewed Fall 2008)
5 Minute English (reviewed Winter 2012; Winter 2017)
365 ESL Short Stories (reviewed Winter 2010)
Aardvark's English Forum (reviewed Winter 2010)
Activities for ESL Students (reviewed Winter 2010;  Winter 2015; and Winter 2017)
AgendaWeb (reviewed Winter 2013)
Ajarn (reviewed Winter 2013) (reviewed Winter 2010)
BBC Learning English (reviewed Winter 2015)
Better English for Everyone (reviewed Winter 2010)
Boggle's World: ESL Activities for Adults (reviewed Winter 2012)
Brainpop ESL (reviewed Winter 2014)
Breaking News English (reviewed Winter 2010; reviewed again, Winter 2011)
British National Corpus (reviewed Winter 2012) (reviewed Winter 2015)
Business English Videos for ESL (YouTube's Bizpod Channel) (reviewed Winter 2011)
Busy Teacher (reviewed winter 2014)
Cool Sites for ESL Students (reviewed Winter 2016)
Daily ESL (reviewed Winter 2011)
Daily Writing Tips (reviewed Winter 2010)
Dartmouth Institute for Writing and Rhetoric (reviewed Winter 2010)
Duolinguo (reviewed Winter 2013)
Easy World of English (reviewed Winter 2014) (reviewed Winter 2011)
EFL Net (reviewed Fall 2008 and also in winter 2014)
EFL Net (University of Oregon) (reviewed Fall 2008)
EFL Sensei (reviewed Winter 2014)
EL Civics for ESL Students (reviewed Winter 2012)
English 4 U (reviewed Winter 2011)
English Banana (reviewed Winter 2014)
English Central (reviewed Winter 2013)
English Club (reviewed Fall 2008; reviewed again, Winter 2010; reviewed again, Winter 2015)
English Daily (reviewed Winter 2010; reviewed again, Winter 2011)
English Firsthand (reviewed Winter 2011)
English for Kids (reviewed Winter 2013)
English Grammar (reviewed Winter 2012)
English Grammar on the Web (reviewed Winter 2011)
English Grammar Online for U (reviewed Winter 2013)
English Language Guide (reviewed Fall 2008)
English Learner (reviewed Winter 2014)
English Media Lab (reviewed Fall 2008)
English Page (reviewed Winter 2010)
English Pond (reviewed Winter 2011) (reviewed Winter 2015)
English the Easy Way (reviewed Winter 2010)
English with Jennifer (reviewed Winter 2017)
English Zone (reviewed Fall 2008)
englishbox (reviewed Winter 2014) (reviewed Winter 2013)
ESL 4 Teachers (reviewed Winter 2010; and also in Winter 2014)
ESL About (reviewed Fall 2008)
ESL Blues (reviewed Winter 2017)
ESL Flow (reviewed Fall 2008)
ESL-galaxy (reviewed Winter 2010)
ESL Games+ (reviewed Winter 2016)
ESL Go (reviewed Winter 2015)
ESL Gold (reviewed Fall 2008)
ESL Kidstuff (reviewed Winter 2013)
ESL Lesson Plans and Resources (reviewed Winter 2011)
ESL Lounge (reviewed Winter 2012)
ESL Mania (reviewed Winter 2011)
ESL Monkeys (reviewed Winter 2013)
ESL Pages (reviewed Winter 2011)
ESL Partyland (reviewed Winter 2014)
ESL Printables (reviewed Winter 2010)
ESL Resource Center (reviewed Winter 2014)
ESL Teacher Talk (reviewed Winter 2015)
ESL Teachers Board (reviewed Winter 2010)
ESL Teaching Ideas (reviewed Winter 2011)
ESL Teaching Resources (reviewed Winter 2012)
ESL Wonderland (reviewed Winter 2012)
ESLAmerica.US (reviewed Winter 2014)
ESLPod (reviewed Winter 2014) (reviewed Winter 2016; second review Winter 2016) (reviewed Winter 2016)
Everything ESL (reviewed Fall 2008)
Extensive Reading (reviewed Winter 2016)
Fan Fiction (reviewed Winter 2013)
FL Clipart (reviewed Fall 2008)
Fun Easy English (reviewed Winter 2013; also in Winter 2014)
Funbrain (reviewed Winter 2016)
Google Groups for ESL Teaching (reviewed Winter 2012)
Grammar Girl (reviewed Winter 2010)
Grammar Monster (reviewed Winter 2014)
Grammar Stories (reviewed Winter 2010)
Guide to Learning English (Paul Shoebottom) (reviewed Winter 2015)
Helpful Resources for ESL Teachers/Students (reviewed Winter 2013) (reviewed Winter 2011)
Houghton Mifflin Textbook--8 Common ESL Errors (reviewed Winter 2010)
Idiom Quest (reviewed Winter 2013)
Internet TESOL Journal (reviewed Winter 2012; and also in Winter 2014)
Isabel Perez (reviewed Fall 2008)
Karen's ESL Party Land (reviewed Fall 2008)
Lauri's ESL Website (reviewed Winter 2010)
Learn English (reviewed Winter 2012)
Learn English Kids/British Council (reviewed Winter 2013) (reviewed Winter 2015)
Learn English Online (reviewed Winter 2011)
Learn That (reviewed Winter 2012)
Learner's Dictionary (reviewed Winter 2016)
Learning Chocolate (reviewed Winter 2013)
LEO: Literacy Education Online (reviewed Winter 2010)
LiPSonline (Listening and Pronouncing Specialists online) (reviewed Winter 2012)
Live Mocha (reviewed Winter 2010)
Listening to Academic Lectures Online (reviewed Winter 2013)
Many Things (reviewed Fall 2008)
Mark's ESL World (reviewed Winter 2012)
Matthew Walsh's EFL ESL Web Site (reviewed Winter 2010)
National Geographic - Kids (reviewed Winter 2013)
New ESL Blues--See ESL Blues
Online Grammar Quizzes (from Cengage) (reviewed Winter 2015)
Oral English Activities: Resources for Teachers (reviewed Winter 2011)
Oxford Seminars (reviewed Winter 2012)
Phonics: the Sounds of American English (reviewed Winter 2011)
PinkMonkey (reviewed Winter 2013)
Podcasts (reviewed Winter 2010)
Practice Speaking English with ESL Robot (reviewed Winter 2011)
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) (reviewed Winter 2012; reviewed again, Winter 2015)
Quizlet (reviewed Winter 2012)
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab (reviewed Fall 2008; and also in Winter 2015)
Randall's ESL Self-Study Guide (reviewed Winter 2017)
Roger's TESOL page (reviewed Winter 2010)
Rong-Chang (reviewed Winter 2012)
Simply ESL (reviewed Winter 2015)
StoryCorps (reviewed Winter 2013)
Study English Today (reviewed Winter 2012)
Study My English (reviewed Winter 2010)
Taisha (reviewed Winter 2011)
Talk English (reviewed Winter 2012) (reviewed Winter 2015)
Teaching Ideas (reviewed Winter 2013)
Teaching Tips (reviewed Winter 2012) (reviewed Winter 2010)
TED (Ideas Worth Spreading) (reviewed Winter 2013)
Time Savers for Teachers (reviewed Winter 2013)
Tiny TEFL Teacher (reviewed Winter 2013)
UIC Cool Sites for ESL Students (reviewed Winter 2015) 
UNC The Writing Center ESL (reviewed Winter 2014)
U.S.A. Learns (reviewed Winter 2010)
Valley Regional Adult Education (reviewed Winter 2013)
Voice of America (reviewed Winter 2010)
Voki Classroom (reviewed Winter 2013)
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