A key goal for TESOL teachers is to engage in lifelong learning, including continuous reading and research. At California State University, East Bay, the joint efforts of the Coordinator of the M.A. in TESOL program, Sarah Nielsen, and the Library Faculty liaison to and subject specialist for the English Department, Aline Soules, are aimed at providing TESOL teachers with the information competencies they require to accomplish this goal.

On this Google site, you will find:
  • Bibliography: evolving with the re-designed MA TESOL program
  • Information Competency Tools
  • Course sites
    • English 6501
    • English 6502
    • English 6503
    • English 6508
Within these categories are sub-divisions to explore. Just click on the page you want on the left navigation bar or search in the search box.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Research and Graduate Work?

Remember, you can do it.  All you need are the following:
  • desire,
  • good work ethic,
  • persistence, and
  • support
    • from your professor
    • from your librarian
    • from your colleagues
    • from those who can help you with your process
We can work together.  If you have questions, you may contact either of us:

Sarah Nielsen
Coordinator, M.A. TESOL
English Department
California State University, East Bay
sarah [dot] nielsen (at) csueastbay (dot) edu
Aline Soules
Library Faculty & English Dept. liaison
University Libraries
California State University, East Bay
aline [dot] soules (at) csueastbay (dot) edu

copyright Aline Soules and Sarah Nielsen 2011
under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States