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Model S - Options by Year

Source & Tesla Motors Design Studio Website and Tesla Gear Website

Date Category Description of Change
June 30, 2008 General Via a published press release, Tesla Motors announces the Model S.
March 26, 2009 General The ALPHA and BETA prototype Model S cars are on display at a press conference.
May 2010 General Tesla announces that the Model S will be manufactured at the former NUMMI plant in Fremont, California.

February 2012 General The Tesla Motors Design Studio opens online for all customers to design and order their Model S.
2012 General Founders Series Model S cars, which are the first 24 (?) production cars begin production on June 22, 2012.

2012 General US Signature Series Model S cars, 1,000 in total are orderable and begin shipping on August 11, 2012. A special optional Signature Red exterior color was available only to these cars.

2012 General Four Model S variants are available to order as follows:
  • The S 40 was equipped with a 235 HP 317 ft-lb torque rear motor with a top speed of 110 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration in 6.5 seconds.
  • The S 60 was equipped with a 302 HP 317 ft-lb torque rear motor with a top speed of 110 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration in 5.9 seconds.
  • The S 85 was equipped with a 362 HP 325 ft-lb torque rear motor with a top speed of 125 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration in 5.4 seconds.
  • The S 85P was equipped with a 416 HP 443 ft-lb torque rear motor with a top speed of 130 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration in 4.4 seconds (later lowered to 4.2).
2012 General The optional Technology Package consists of the following:
  • Convenience Lighting
  • Automatic Keyless Entry with Auto Present Door Handles
  • Homelink for garage door opening
  • High Definition Back-Up Camera Display when in reverse (no parking sight lines)
  • Xenon Headlamps
  • LED Cornering Lights
  • Fog Lamps
  • Power Rear Liftgate
  • Turn By Turn Navigation (with 7 years of map updates included)
  • also chrome visual cues on rear center bumper and left and right
  • front air intakes
2012 General Adjustable height air suspension is announced as an option
2012 General The High Powered Wall Charger V1 (HPWC) was available as on option. The HPWC is a permanently mounted Tesla power outlet with 18 foot charging cord terminated with a Tesla power handle. The V1.0 HPWC ends in a suffix of A, B or C as a serial number. It has dip switches inside that configures power sources for 40, 50,60, 70 80, 90 or 100 AMP circuit breakers. (see 2014 for V 2.0 of the HPWC)

August 2012 General Supercharger capability becomes standard on the 60 kWh Model S in August of 2012. Supercharger capability was always standard on the S85 and S 85P models.

General The 60 kWh Model S was announced to begin shipping in the Fall of 2012 but actually began shipping in the Spring of 2013.

Winter 2012 General The 40 kWh Model S was announced to begin shipping in the Winter of 2012.
March 2012 Driving Dynamics 7 years of free Navigation Updates for the Tech Package mentioned on March 2012 in the Design Studio.
2012 Interior Optional third row rear-facing child jump seats which fold down into the rear well. If the rear facing seats are not chosen the area that they would fold down into becomes a hatched storage compartment.

2012 Interior Initially interior seating was only offered in Nappa leather. Signature Series and Founders cars are offered with a white leather option color choice. In addition a perforated leather seating material was available for Signature Series.

2012 Interior An optional ($950) high performance sound system called Sound Studio is available with additional speakers and sub-woofer. Capacity for 3,000 songs is mentioned.

Interior Convenience Lighting was added to the Tech Package in April 2012 Design Studio.

Interior Two Rear USB ports were removed from the description of the Tech Package on April 2012 Design Studio. These rear USB ports never appeared in a production Model S.

Interior Lacewood and Gloss and Matte Obeche interior wood trim choices were added to the Design Studio in July of 2012. Obeche wood trim has a vertical orientation to the grain.

August 2012 Interior Rear seat LED reading lights appeared in the Design Studio on August 2012.
2012 Interior Standard interior is black leatherette / cloth and optional seating cover material is Nappa Leather. Colors are black, tan, grey. Steering wheel is black. Standard dash trim is Piano Black.

2012 Exterior Note a special Signature Metallic Red was offered for Signature editions only, the Signature Red was darker in hue than the standard Multi-coat Metallic Red.

2012 Exterior There is an option for a Black Roof if Pano-Roof is not chosen.

2012 Exterior Glass retractable Panoramic Roof becomes an option.

Exterior Performance Wheels were added as an option in February of 2012 in both 19” "Cyclone" and 21” "Turbine" along with performance tires. 19" 5 spoked wheels in matte silver are standard.

Exterior Carbon Fibre rear spoiler was added as an orderable option on Performance Models of the S in the April 2012 Design Studio.

Exterior Glass retractable Panoramic Roof is outfitted with a wind screen that minimizes buffeting.

Exterior Aero Wheels removed from the Design Studio in June 2012. This wheel design was not very popular.

2012 Exterior The original exterior color selections were: 
  • Non-Metalic: Black, White
  • Metallic: Grey, Green, Brown, Blue, Pearl White, Silver, Red.

2012 Exterior The Technology Package provides some subtle visual exterior cues to the Model S. Cars that have the optional Technology Package have chrome accents on the left and right front air intakes while those Model S without the Technology Package do not. In addition, Model S cars with the Technology Package have a chome accent on the center bottom of the rear bumper while non-tech package cars have a glossy black accent.

2012 September Exterior Model S Car Cover and Winter Wheel Packages added to the Accessories area of the TM website in September of 2012.

2013 General Tesla announced that 3,100 Model S vehicles were sold in 2012.

2013 General The 40 kWh Model S was removed from the Design Studio in late March 2013.

2013 General The Model S P85+ Performance Plus edition was announced in the Design Studio in April 2013. This $6,500 option provided staggered 21” performance Turbine wheels (in silver or grey) and tires (Michelin Pilot Sport PS2’s 20 mm wider in the rear). Suspension dynamics were improved for performance and comfort via upgraded dampers, bushings and stabilizer bars. Early P85+ specimens shipped with black brake calipers and often did not show the P85+ model designation in the 17" display. (per Andrewket, SharkDiver76 & HankLloydRight). Later the Brembo disc brake calipers on the P85+ are painted red with white TESLA lettering, (on both the front & rear calipers) (the red disc brake calipers were not available on any other model at the time)

2013 General Supercharger recharge capability becomes an option on the 60 kWh Model S in April 2013.

2013 General Mention of 3000 song capacity storage in the Sound Studio option in April of 2013 however removed from the Design Studio in May 2013.
2013 General Norwegian Model S deliveries begin in early August 2013.

2013 General The European Security Option was added around April 2013. This option is not available in other regions.

2013 Interior The standard textile upholstery became available in mid 2013.

2013 Interior The rear facing seats were changed from leather/cloth mixture to all cloth in 2013.

2013 Interior Heated front seats with memory settings became available in January 2013. The memory was dropped from the standard seats in late February 2013. The Performance "P" cars were offered with front Performance Seats that had a colored piping.

2013 Interior Memory seats became a feature of the Tech Package in February 2013. Memory of driver seat position, mirror position and steering wheel position are part of the Driver Profile.

2013 August Interior The optional audio system know as Sound Studio had its name changed to the Ultra High Fidelity Sound System in the Design Studio in August 2013, the price of this option jumped from $950 to $2,500.

2013 Exterior Fog Lamps were discontinued from the Technology Package. (somewhere in the 7000 VIN range) in the Design Studio in February of 2013.

2013 Exterior      From April 2013 through or about September 2013, if the Technology Package was not ordered, the front headlamps did not have the LED eyebrow DRL's but rather the edge of the headlamp was a bit more opaque.  After September 2013 the DRL's were standard equipment on all Model S even if the Technology Package was not ordered.

2013 Exterior Around the April 2013 time frame, the Gen 2 door handles began making their appearance. Many Model S cars were retrofitted with the new version of the door handles during yearly service appointments or when maintenance issues arose.

2013 Exterior P85 versions first gained the ability to delete the air (SAS) suspension in August 2013, making coil P85 possible.

2013 Exterior Parking sensors, front and rear were added as a Design Studio option in August 2013.

2013 Exterior Newly redesigned 19” Aero Wheels were added as a Design Studio option in August of 2013.

2013 Exterior Michelin Primacy Tires were added as an option in the Design Studio in August of 2013.

2013 Exterior Aero Wheels were removed as an orderable option in the Design Studio in late October of 2013.

2013 Exterior If the Pano-Roof is not chosen there is an option for a black painted roof.

2013 Exterior The power folding, heated exterior rear view side mirrors were added to the Tech package in late 2013. The driver window control button cluster also changed with the addition of a power folding mirror button added in the top center to actuate the folding mirrors.

2014 General Tesla announces that nearly 22,500 Model S were delivered in 2013.

2014 General In early August of 2014 Tesla announced a retroactive 8 year unlimited mile warranty on all Model S batteries and motors.

2014 General In the late Summer of 2014, the driver's instrument cluster display resolution was improved from 1280 X 480 to 1920 X 720. No new
functionality was add at the time of the display change.

2014 General The Model S P85 and P85+ models were dropped from order availability and replaced with the dual motor P85D as the Tesla Model S premium performance offering in late 2014.

2014 General The new Model S P85D would feature AWD via two motors - 221HP front and 470HP rear for a total of 691 HP and 687 ft-lb of torque with 0-60 MPH performance in 3.2 seconds and 253 mile EPA rated range.

2014 General The frunk on the P85D lost some space where the front motor resides and the frunk latching mechanism was changed. In addition the frunk release latch on the passenger side is no longer provided.

2014 General The new Model S 85D dual motor Model S could be ordered in late 2014 but would not ship until late February of 2015. The S85D would feature AWD via two 188 HP motors, front and rear, 376 HP and 362 ft-lb or torque with 0-60 mph performance in 5.2 seconds and 270 mile EPA rated range.

2014 General The P85D was the first Model S that had new metal doorsill plate inserts in the interior doorsill area. (The metallic sill plates have never been mentioned or shown in the Design Studio) A late 2014 S85 has been reported to have the new metallic doorsills and the S85D also has the new doorsill plates.

2014 General The P85D and 85D have a new 12 volt battery location, which is in the center frunk area under the rear removable liner.

2014 General (Note: there were a few P85+'s made near the end of their production run in late 2014, which have all the sensors and cameras and such for the autonomous driving features, I predict that these few P85+ will be highly prized in the future)

2014 General Internationally, a Right Hand Drive model of the S was introduced in the UK in June of 2014 and Hong Kong in September of 2014 and supposedly in Australia in December 2014.

2014 General A new version known as V2.0 of the High Powered Wall Charger (HPWC) was introduced. V2.0 HPWC's end in a D serial number suffix. The dip switches were reconfigured for 12, 16, 24, 32, 40, 64 and 80 AMP power output settings based upon the circuit breaker and supply wire configuration.

2014 General A new function was added via firmware update to the key fob in December 2014. Pressing the trunk button area for two seconds opens the charge port.

2014 General There were many firmware upgrades during 2014 which the firmware WIKI aptly illustrates. Link to Firmware WIKI -> Model S software/firmware changelog - Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum

2014 Exterior Not sure about this but I have heard that the self-presenting door handle mechanism was redesigned some time in early 2014.

2014 Exterior The Color Metallic Grey changed in mid 2014 to a somewhat darker and blueish tinge. This new "Steel Grey" replaced the former “Dolphin Metallic Grey” paint which was a bit lighter in color.

2014 Exterior The paint colors Metallic Brown and Metallic Green removed from availability in late 2014.

2014 Exterior The design studio used to offer front end Paint Armor protective film wrap as an option, however this was dropped in mid to late 2014.

2014 Exterior The rear door hinges were redesigned in late 2014 which allowed for wider opening and easier entry to the rear seats.

2014 Exterior In late 2014 a change was made to the rearview side mirrors. A screw on both sides of the side mirror arm was added. The screw is only visable when the mirrors are retracted. Earlier S model does not have the screws. It is not clear when this minor change to the side mirror arm design was made.

2014 Exterior The black roof option was discontinued in the early part of 2014.

2014 Interior The cabin temperature sensor location was moved and/or modified in early 2014.

2014 Interior The Sub-Zero Weather Package was added as an option in April 2014 or earlier, providing heated front and rear seats, heated side mirrors and heated windshield wipers via the front windshield.

2014 Interior An air ionizer and carbon filter designed for air purity was added to all new Model S vehicles starting in late May or early June 2014, enabled as an option in firmware v5.12 in July.

2014 Interior The Parcel Shelf, formerly a stand-alone option was changed to standard equipment on all Model S cars in early June 2014.

2014 Interior In the June 2014 time frame Tesla quietly introduced new front mats for the Model S. The new mats are stiffer and a bit more luxurious. They also have Velcro tabs underneath to affix them to the floor. Some TMC members report a retrofit of these new mats when doing the 24K service.

2014 Interior The introduction of new softer and more comfortable lower front seat cushions was introduced in the early July 2014 time frame. These new seats are generally referred to as the Gen 1.5 seats.

2014 Interior In mid-2014 the screen resolution of the instrument cluster (Driver's Dashboard) was upgraded from 1280 x 480 to 1920 x 720.  In addition the chrome bezel or surround was changed in design.  The thick lower portion was thinned out and modified.  

2014 Interior All Model S vehicles built after approximately July 11, 2014 are equipped with a spare 12V power circuit. The purpose of this power circuit is to provide a switched power source, reducing the risk of vehicle damage due to improperly installed third-party equipment. To access the spare 12V power circuit, remove the RH center console closeout extension. The spare 12V positive circuit is the red wire with a white stripe on the gray 4-pin connector with 3 wires. NOTE: The spare 12V circuit shares the same black ground as the center console auxiliary outlet. The spare 12V power circuit is tied to the accessory (ACC) rail and is capable of up to 11 A (150 W) of continuous load, 15 A (180 W) peak load. The spare 12V power circuit is protected by fuse F33 in fuse box 2. Remove the rear underhood center apron to access fuse box 2.

2014 Interior The black alcantara headliner was added as an option in mid 2014, and the alcantara option (in black or beige) also added black alcantara to the front edge of the dashboard. Choosing premium interior deleted the standard non-alcantara headliner as a choice option in the Design Studio.

2014 Interior The Next Gen (Recaro OEM) seating option was first available in the P85D model, in late 2014 as an exclusive part of the P85D. The Next Gen driver’s seat does not have the “hidden” front pocket that the Performance Seats had. The Next Gen seats have comfort improvements and taller headrests for whiplash protection and also sport much larger bolsters between the seating areas. However unanticipated popularity and demand of this option caused many P85D's to be shipped without the Next Gen seats being installed at all or partial installs with rear seats being of the previous design. Tesla will retrofit the new seats at a later date as they become available. The P85+ Performance Seats with the red piping and alcantara panels were removed from availability at the same time the Next Gen seats were introduced.

2014 Interior Lacewood Interior dash finish removed from availability in late 2014.

2014 Interior Premium Interior Lighting (LEDs) were moved from a stand-alone option, and moved into the Premium Interior Package Option package in late 2014.
2014 Interior Additionally, the once optional Yacht Flooring in the forward center area became standard in late 2014 where prior to this, it was a stand alone option.
2014 Interior The long awaited Optional Tesla Center Console, in the accessories section of the TM website began shipping in Piano Black trim only. The console was not offered for sale in the Design Studio but rather in the Accessories section of the TM website.

2014 Interior A new heated steering wheel was quietly added in very late 2014 as a new component of the Subzero Weather Package however this fact was not really officially announced in the design studio until mid January 2015. Nonetheless, a few P85D’s build in late 2014, which had the subzero weather package option, did receive the new heated steering wheel if the destination was in a colder climate zone.

2014 Interior Larger sun visor size and a larger vanity mirror first appeared on the dual motor Model S in December 2014.

2014 Interior Alcantara interior trim was updated such as the wrapped roof bow on the Panoramic Roof in December 2014.

2014 Interior Sound insulation was added to the cabin on dual motor Model S in December 2014.

2014 Drive Dynamics Parking Sensors, formerly a stand-alone option was moved into the Tech Package in Mid 2014. These sensors are physically small round buttons on both the front and rear bumpers. Cars without these buttons are not equipped with OEM parking sensors.

2014 Drive Dynamics In Late September 2014, AutoPilot hardware known as Driver Assistance Features were added to the Model S via the "Tech Package with Autopilot" option. Driver Assistance Features are composed of the following technology:
  • Looking Forward Camera in top Center Windshield
  • Ultrasonic Sensors located in Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Forward looking Radar located in lower Front Grill
  • High Precision Electronic Assisted Steering and Braking Systems
2014 Drive Dynamics TACC Traffic Aware Cruise Control and Lane Departure sensors and Speed Assist (Speed Limit recognition) were added in late September early October 2014 as part of the Tech Package with "Autopilot" option. This change prompted the control stalk to change to a new version and also a vibrator was added to the steering column for the Lane Departure warning.

2014 Drive Dynamics The brake actuator was changed in late 2014 for a newer electro-mechanical version that eliminated the vacuum brake booster pump hardware. This change was necessary for current and future Autopilot features such as applying brakes in autopilot mode.

2014 Drive Dynamics In late 2014 two sets of snow tires and standard 10 spoke wheels fully equipped with center caps and TPMS sensors were added as a design center option, in 19" and 21". The tires are Pirelli Winter Sottozero tires in 245/45-19 or 245/35-21. The winter wheels will be matched to your Model S. This option essentially adds a second set of tires and wheels to your build.

2014 Drive Dynamics New version and manufacturer of the tire pressure sensors (TPMS), replaced the previous sensors in late 2014 (some time in September 2014). (note to all ordering used wheels, the "old" TPMS sensors apparently do not work on the new cars. You can order the new version TPMS sensors from your SC). Note that in early 2015 the new TPMS were integrated with new firmware functionality that warns you of exactly which tire is low on air pressure.

2014 Drive Dynamics An electrically opening, self-closing charge port door first appeared on the dual motor Model S in December 2014.
2014 Suspension The Air Suspension was upgraded to the Smart Air Suspension with a height adjustment feature that was integrated with GPS software. The new feature called Location-Based Suspension allows the air suspension system to automatically re-apply previous High or Very High manual settings each time the Model S nears previous GPS coordinates, this is particularly useful for speed bumps, ramps and steep driveway entrances and exits.
2015 General Tesla announced that 31,655 Model S automobiles were sold worldwide in 2014 (16,689 in the US) while 35,125 Model S automobiles were produced in 2014.
General The CHAdeMO electric connection optional adapter began shipping in the USA in January 2015. You can order this in the Tesla Motors Accessories Website or at your Service Center.
General P85D coil suspensions began production approximately 3 months into general P85D production.
General On March 2, 2015 the following changes were made to the Model S Design Studio... as reported by user COILED...
  • Base price is the same in USA however, base price changes reported outside of the USA
  • Premium paint options price increase (metallic paints went from $750 to $1000, pearl white and MC red are still $1500)
  • Interior trim options price increase (carbon fiber went from $800 to $1000, wood trims increased from $650 to $750)
  • Next-gen seats now available for 60/85/85D, price unchanged ($3500)
  • Dual chargers option moved to accessories page, price increase from $1500 to $2000. After-market install price is down from $3600 to $2000.
  • HPWC (High Powered Wall Charger) option moved to the Tesla accessories page, price unchanged
  • Description of tech package with autopilot changed: navigation was removed from the Tech Package and is now standard, price unchanged
  • Winter/summer wheel packages options were moved to accessories page
  • Security package is no longer available in Europe
General On April 8, 2015, Tesla Motors announced the replacement for the Model S 60, called the S 70D which add features to the previous base model.
  • The S 70D has a 70 kWh battery pack and dual motors, front and rear generating 329 horsepower.
  • Pricing on the P 70D is expected to start at $75,750 and it goes from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and a range of 240 miles.... it will not have INSANE mode (which is the P85D ultra-fast acceleration mode).
  • The S 70D is scheduled to begin shipping in May 2015.
  • Tesla will discontinue the S 60 with the 60 kWh battery pack and a range of 208 miles.
General Also on April 8, 2015 Tesla made some significant changes to the Model S option packages.

The following are now standard features of all S models as of April 8, 2015. (note that the previous Tech Package no longer exists)...
  • Free long distance travel on the Tesla SuperCharger Network
  • Automatic Keyless Entry
  • Parking Sensors
  • Power-folding and heated Side Mirrors
  • Maps and Navigation with real time traffic updates
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Blind Spot Warning system
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • 8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty on all Model S
  • GPS enabled Homelink
  • Lane Departure Warning system
General The Premium Interior Package had it name changed to the Premium Package. The Premium Package is an optional package that is needed for fit and finish refinements such as leather seating, LED ambient interior lighting, Power Liftgate, Lighted Door Handles and LED Cornering Lights and the chrome accents in the area of the front cornering lights and the rear center air splitter (under the rear bumper). The price of this package was reduced on April 10, 2015 and the option package name was changed to Premium Interior and Lighting.

2015 General Many of the new and future Autopilot features are now a bundled macro option which is made available in the Autopilot Convenience Features Option (ACFO). ACFO can be retrofitted after the fact via a software upgrade option (fee based) if your model S was built with all of the ACFO sensors, cameras and radars (typically built in the latter part of 2014):
  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (currently shipping)
  • Lane Keeping with Automatic Steering (future feature - released October 15, 2015)
  • Parallel Self-Parking (future feature - released October 15, 2015)
  • Automatic High/Low Beam headlights (currently shipping)
General In early June of 2015, new 4G LTE data connectivity hardware quietly began being installed at the factory on new model S production cars. The 4G LTE connectivity hardware replaced the previous 3G data connection hardware. Download data speeds for all apps and over the air software downloads should be more reponsive with this new connectivity. Owners of older vehicles can retrofit the LTE cellular hardware into their vehicles at a Tesla Service Center for around $500.

General On July 17, 2015 Tesla Motors made three announcements regarding the Model S :
  1. A battery pack upgrade option for new order cars, called Range Upgrade, increases the pack energy form 85 kWh to 90 kWh. This option is available on the 85, 85D and P85D and when opted for, it turns those sedans into the 90, 90D and P90D. The battery pack upgrade option provides about 6% increased range and moves the 85D to almost 300 miles of highway range at 65 MPH. The Range Upgrade option is listed as a $3,000 option on new orders.

  2. Ludicrous Mode is an option on the P85D design center which reduces 0 - 60 MPH time from 3.1 seconds to 2.8 seconds for a $10,000 fee. (Actually a $13,000 fee as the Range Upgrade option is required for Ludicrous Mode which in turn makes the P85D a P90D with Ludicrous Mode) Ludicrous Mode replaces the main pack contactor with an "inconel" super alloy instead of steel. Inconel contactors apparently remain springy under high heat and heavy current and thus allow greater electrical flow. In addition, an advanced "Smart Fuse" has been added to the Ludicrous Mode battery pack. The result: maximum pack output can be increased from 1300 to 1500 Amps which in turn provides a 10% improvement. P90D Ludicrous Mode 0-60 times are reduced to 2.8 seconds and also the 1/4 mile time is reduced to 10.9 seconds. Quarter Mile speed of 155 is being touted for the P90D Ludicrous. The P90D began shipping from the factory on or around August 12, 2015. As an aside, the P85D and P90D are now listed as having 762 HP (259 front and 503 rear). The P90D Ludicrous rear trunk logo sports a chrome underline bar - P90D with the P and D in red. The standard P90D without the Ludicrous option will not have the chrome underline bar.

    On September 25, 2015 Tesla Motors announced in the Accessories Tesla Gear website the Ludicrous Mode P85D Upgrade. The upgrade is for existing P85D Model S which were ordered before July 17, 2015. These US based cars will be able to order the Ludicrous Moded P85D Upgrade for a total of $7,500 (hardware and labor). The P85D rear hatch logo will also be updated with a chrome underline denoting Ludicrous Mode. The upgrade SC's will be determined as the program rolls out and appears to be regionalized (not every SC will be performing the upgrade). Owners must pre-order the upgrade online.

  3. The Model S 70D has a new variant, the S 70 single rear motor model, which sports a 315 HP single rear motor with a 230 Mile range. The S 70 is the lowest cost Model S at about $70,000.
The 85 has 373 HP rear and the 85D has 417 HP combined front and rear.
The 70 has 315 HP rear and the 70D has 328 HP combined front and rear.

2015 General It should be noted, that as of this date, the Range Upgrade 90 kWh battery option, if chosen, does not reflect any additional range in miles in the TM Design Center.

General On November 30th, 2015, Tesla Motors posted motor horsepower for the current production Model S cars:
  • P90D Ludicrous = 523 HP
  • P85D = 463 HP
  • 85D = 417 HP
  • 70D = 328 HP
Exterior On or about March 1, 2015 new deliveries of P85D no longer have staggered wheel fitments with the optional 21 inch wheel, 245/35-21" wheels on both front and rear. This means you can rotate the tires front to rear. Also tires supplied on the 21" wheels are Continental ContiSportContact 5. Tires supplied by Tesla Motors can change due to availability.

Exterior On April 8, 2015 three new exterior metallic colors were added to all Model S .... Ocean Blue, Obsidian Black and Warm Silver.
Exterior On April 8, 2015 the 21" Silver Turbine wheels remain an option for the P85D however they are no longer an option on the 70D or 85 and 85D.
Exterior On April 10, 2015 three paint colors were dropped as options: Solid White, Silver Metallic and Blue Metallic. The exterior color choices are now:
  • Solid Black
  • Solid White (returned on April 12, 2015)
  • Titanium Metallic (was called Warm Silver when introduced on April 8)
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Obsidian Black Metallic (introduced on April 8)
  • Deep Blue Metallic (was called Ocean Blue when introduced on April 8)
  • Silver Metallic (returned as color option on September 30, 2015)
  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Red Multi-Coat
Exterior On April 15, 2015 the Solid White exterior paint color was brought back as available in the Design Center. It was discontinued for 5 days.
Exterior On May 20, 2015 the P85D model allows only two wheel choices, 21" Silver Turbines and 21" Grey Turbines. The 19" option wheels are removed from the wheel choices in the Design Center.

Exterior On May 28, 2015 the P85D model once again allows 19" wheel choices, returning to the option list is the 5 spoked 19" and the 19" Cyclone wheel, both in silver finish.

Exterior In the mid June, 2015 time frame Tesla introduced a new Pano Roof design. The older design has the roof rack attachment flaps on the outside edge of the side portions of the Pano Roof. The new design has the attachment flaps more in the middle of the side portions of the Pano Roof. In addition, the trailing edge of the weather stripping on the Pano Roof has more of a rounded and finished appearance. Other than these two visual cues, the roof appears the same to the untrained eye.

Exterior On or about July 15th, after the summer production line one week shutdown, at about the time when the 90 models began being produced, the rear chrome facia underwent a new design which has more pronounced raised TESLA lettering and a newly designed upturned opening in the area of the rear lenses. This new design will apparently not catch or trap water. This change was unannounced by Tesla Motors. TMC member Kim.T reported his car finished production on July 15th and has the new facia.

Exterior As of Mid August 2015, P90D  Ludicrous Mode Model S ordered with the 21" wheel option once again begin shipping with staggered wheel fitments, 8.5" in the front and 9" wide in the rear.

Exterior In Mid October, the 21" Arachnid Wheel & Tire Package appeared in the Tesla Gear Accessories web site in the backordered status. The package includes 4 new Arachnid style wheels 2 in 21x8.5 and 2 in 21x9, 4 Micheline Pilot Sport tires (2 245/35/21 and 2 265/35/21), 4 TPMS and 4 center wheel caps. It is only available as an accessory package and not a choice in the Design Studio.  Note: The Arachnid Wheel & Tire package finally became available to order from the Tesla Gear website in Mid-May, 2016.

Interior In January 2015, a new rear seating option called Executive Rear Seats (ERS) was added. This option required the Premium Interior Package and forced the Subzero Weather Package. The ERS customized the rear cabin area of the Model S with private and comfortable executive rear seats, which are wrapped in leather and include two zone heaters. A wide center console offering hidden storage separates the rear seats. Rear seat passengers can control media, climate and the panoramic roof settings via the Tesla App. The ERS do not fold forward and are fixed in place.

2015 Interior The Model S 85D is also equipped with the new doorsill plates that the P85D has and it appears that all new Model S cars will be equipped with these new metal inserts.

Interior A Premium Rear Console became available in early February 2015 as on order-able accessory in the Tesla Gear website. Various color leathers and finish accents can be chosen to match Model S interior decor. Two cup holders and storage under the armrests make this $600+ option useful.

Interior On March 19, 2015 the design studio graphics began showing the Next Generation Seats as being only in the two front seats, the rear seats remained as the standard seats with the lower headrests. The Next Generation Seating option price was reduced to $2,500 from the previous $3,500.

Interior On April 10, 2015, the choice of any Alcantara Headliner requires (and forces the selection of) the Premium Interior and Lighting option package.

Interior On May 19th, 2015, Tesla Motors sent a letter to most of those who had ordered the accessory known as the Tesla Front Center Console. TM announced that the console would only be finished in Piano Black and any model S owners who had ordered other finishes could reorder in Piano Black. The Piano Black Center Console sold out that evening, and has been in short supply since. About a week later TM started offering the Front Center Console in the finishes they had stated only a week earlier they would not be selling--Carbon Fiber, Obeche Gloss, and Obeche Matte--to a small number of people on the waiting list.

Interior On July 7th, 2015, Tesla Motors removed the Executive Rear Seats Option from the Design Studio. The luxury rear seating option no longer available after this date in the US market.

Interior On October 6th, 2015 two leather seat options were removed from order-able Option in the Interior section of the Design Studio. The tan and grey leather seats are no longer an option. However the black leather seats remained as a option.

2015 Interior Starting in Mid December, 2015 the cruise control stalk had a design change. The small button on the stalk end was removed. However some model S delivered in very late December still had the button.

2015 Interior On December 14th, 2015 the black leather seat option was removed from the Design Studio. The only leather seating options other than the standard Black Textile are the Next Gen Leather Seats, in Black, Tan and Grey.

2015 Drive Dynamics The Torque Sleep efficiency enhancement was rolled out in early February to all P85D models in firmware 6.1 (.139).
2015 Drive Dynamics Parking Lines were added as an overlay to the rear camera display as a part of version 6.1 in January 2015, although a software enhancement its addition is worthy of note here. The parking lines are dynamic and any movement of the steering wheel also moves the parking lines.

Drive Dynamics Around April 1, 2015 the P85D lost its unique and firmer dampers/shocks and now appears to share the same suspension parts as the 85D and 70D. In addition the verbiage regarding the P85D sport suspension was removed from the Design Studio.

Drive Dynamics On July 17, 2015 Elon Musk announced the new Ludicrous mode for the P90D. Ludicrous mode reduces the 0-60 MPH time from 3.1 seconds to 2.8 seconds for a $10,000 option price.

2015 October Drive Dynamics Torque Sleep drive efficiency enhancement was enabled for rear motor Model S cars with the introduction of firmware 7.0
2015 December Drive Dynamics Launch Mode was added as a new performance function to P85D and P90D Model S cars. This new function was enabled in software release 2.9.40 on December 11, 2015.

2016 General Tesla Motors sold 50,452 Model S automobiles in 2015 (25,202 in the US), which is an increase of 18,717 over the 2014 year production. In addition 206 Model X were delivered in 2015.

Model S Deliveries By Quarter (From Quarterly Shareholder Letters)
10,045 Q1
11,532 Q2
11,603 Q3
17,272 Q4

2016 January General On or about January 8th, 2016, firmware 7.1 (v1.7.36) was released via Over The Air distribution. New Driver Assistance Features were were added to model S cars equipped with the Driver Assistance Features: 

On Model S with Driver Assistance Features:
  • Autosteer Restrictions/Improvements
  • Summon (Beta)
  • Perpendicular Autopark
  • Enhanced Autopilot Visualization showing Cars, Trucks
  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Improvements
  • Additional Autopilot Improvements
  • HomeLink: Auto Open/Close of Garage Door or Gate
  • Vehicle Lock Improvements
  • Display Auto-Brightness
  • Supercharger Site Availability
  • Trip Planner Improvements
  • Additional Improvements

On Model S without Driver Assistance Features:
  • HomeLink: Auto Open/Close of Garage Door or Gate
  • Vehicle Lock Improvements
  • Display Auto-Brightness
  • Supercharger Site Availability
  • Trip Planner Improvements
  • Additional Improvements

The 90 kWh rear wheel drive only option was removed from the Design Studio.
Available powertrain options are:
  • 70 Rear Motor Only
  • 70D Dual Motor 
  • 85 Rear Motor Only
  • 85D Dual Motor
  • 90D Dual Motor
  • P85D Performance Dual Motor
  • P90D Performance Dual Motor
  • P90D Ludicrous Performance Dual Motor (Sometime referred to as P90DL)
In addition, on European models: Spotify streaming music service became available.
2016 February General On February 8, 2016, Tesla Motors quietly removed the 85 kWh traction battery from the Design Studio which made the Model S powertrain options as follows:
  • 70 Rear Motor Only  (May 2016 75 Range Upgrade option)
  • 70D Dual Motor (May 2016 75D Range Upgrade option)
  • 90D Dual Motor
  • P90D Performance Dual Motor
  • P90D  Ludicrous Performance Dual Motor (Sometime referred to as P90DL)
The Range Upgrade option was also eliminated from the Design Studio. The Range Upgrade option turned the formerly avialable 85 into a 90.

 General             On or about March 13th the ability to upgrade the level of performance in your existing P90D from “INSANE” to “LUDICROUS”! was made available as an upgrade which can be ordered in the TESLA GEAR Accessories website. This upgrade will decrease 0-60 mph time by 10% to 2.8 seconds. The time to 155 mph is now 20% faster than a standard Model S Performance. *Model S P90D acceleration ratings follow Motor Trend's test procedure of subtracting the first foot rollout time to represent drag strip performance.

The LUDICROUS mode upgrade is available for all P90D vehicles ordered without Ludicrous Mode. These vehicles will receive updated badging to P90D where the underline denotes the LUDICROUS upgrade.

Cost of installation labor was not included in price, you should contact your nearest Service Center to confirm the labor rate and availability for this performance upgrade option. North America market only.

General          On April 12, 2016 Tesla Motors quietly refined some of the packaging options of the Model S, known as the 2016 Refresh Model S, as follows:
  • The Onboard Charger was changed to a new 48A standard charger from the previous 40A onboard charger.  The 48A standard charger can be upgraded via a software unlock to the new High Amperage Charger providing 72A.  Details on the upgrade to 72A are best found at your Service Center.
  • A new High Amperage Charger Upgrade Option which provides 72A onboard charging for a 50% higher rate of charge when paired with a Tesla wall connector on a 100A circuit breaker.  Charge rates on 120 volt, 240 volt outlets and Tesla Superchargers will be unaffected. 
  • It is reported (but not confirmed) that the Refresh also adds two more cameras to the Autopilot array, their exterior location and direction is not yet verified.
 General     On April 12, 2016, in the Tesla Accessories Online Shop, two new versions of the Tesla Wall Connector were announced and available for order.  The first version has a 24 foot power cord and the second version has a shorter 8.5 foot power cord. These new Tesla Wall Connectors are designed for hardwire connection for 208-250 volt power supplies and can operate up to 80 Amps.  TheTesla Wall Connector should be installed by an electrician.  For the fastest charge rate the Wall Connector should be on an 80 Amp to 100 Amp circuit breaker.  The new Wall Connector can work on 13 configurable levels of circuit breaker settings, from 15 Amps to 100 Amps.  A new power sharing feature allows one single circuit breaker to be connected and shared servicing up to 4 Wall Connectors which would be an optimized solution for customers with multiple Tesla vehicles.   The new Wall Connector also has an integrated right side holster to tether the cable end when not in use.

 General     On May 6, 2016, in the Model S Design Studio, Tesla Motors unveiled the 75 and 75D Range Upgrade battery option.  This option turns a selected 70 or 70D into a 75 or 75D.  The option, if chosen allows the 75 or 75D to accept 15 more miles of rated range per charge.  The 75D has two motors, front and rear with an output of 328 horsepower and 387 Ft Lbs of torque.  The 75 rear motor only version has one rear motor, with an output of 382 horsepower and 325 Ft Lbs of torque.  The EPA range for the 75D is 259 miles while the 75 has a range of 249 miles.

 General     On June 9, 2016 Tesla Motors announced a new Model S base model known as the 60 or 60D (D means dual motors).  The previous base model, the Model S 70 and 70D were removed from the Tesla Design Studio.  The 75 and 75D Range Upgrade option can turn the 60 or 60D into a 75 or 75D via a software upgrade which unlocks the potential power of the main traction battery pack.  The 60D has two motors, front and rear with an output of 328 horsepower and 325 Ft Lbs of torque.  The 60 rear motor only version has one rear motor, with an output of 315 horsepower and 325 Ft Lbs of torque.  The EPA range for the 60D is 218 miles while the 60 has a range of 210 miles.  The 60 and 60D can be upgraded to the 75 or 75D via a software unlock of battery power.  This battery power upgrade for the 60 and 60D can be purchased as an after delivery option.  One other interesting tidbit regarding the 60 model, Tesla Motors is offering the older black leather seats as an option for interior choices.  These black leather seats are the design prior to the Next Generation seats.  No other Tesla S model offers this former seating design as an option.
2016 August               General     On August 19, 2016 Tesla Motors quietly made a change to their Online Design Studio website.  When you choose an Tesla Model S or X and begin to choose options for your build, the Online Design Studio will suggest an inventory vehicle with similar option specifications that is currently available.  Essentially the system tries to match your specifications for your custom build with an inventory car.  This new feature allows potential owners an option for quicker delivery.

2016 August

 General     On August 23, 2016 Tesla Motors announced the P100D.  Sporting a newly designed battery, the P100D supersedes the P90D as Tesla's fastest auto offering.  The P100D will come with Ludicrous Mode and Smart Air Suspension as standard equipment.  The performance specs are 0-60 MPH in 2.5 seconds, 45-65 MPH passing time of 1.2 seconds and a top end speed of 155 MPH.   The EPA range estimate was given as 315 Miles.  I have estimated that the rated range the P100D will be in the neighborhood of 290 to 300 miles when new.  In addition, Tesla Motors will be offering a P100D battery upgrade to existing P90D Ludicrous owners for a tidy sum of $20,000.  The existing P90D battery pack which will be removed from the car will be recycled.  The P100D battery upgrade offering was not listed in the Tesla Gear website at announcement time.

2016 October General      On October 19th, Tesla Motors announced during a formal press conference that all new Tesla Automobiles being produced shall be equipped with new and full Self-Driving hardware suite of sensors, radar and cameras (AKA "Hardware 2.0").   This new hardware will be utilized by two optional software enabling packages.  The first package is called Enhanced Autopilot.  Enhanced Autopilot is an improvement over the first Tesla Autopilot by going from one forward facing camera to four cameras which provide greater accuracy, redundancy as well as seeing fast-approaching vehicles in adjacent traffic lanes.  In addition, 12 new ultrasonic sensors provide 360 degree coverage sound the vehicle with almost twice the sensor range and resolution of the prior sensor version.  The new hardware will initially lack some capabilities of the original Autopilot, Tesla's current semi-autonomous feature, including automatic emergency braking.  Those and other features will be enabled (via OTA updates) as the company works to calibrate the new system.

The increased sensor information is processed by an Nvidia (Drive PX 2?) computer that is 40 times more powerful than the previous onboard computer.  Advanced Autopilot should be considered a driver's assistance feature with the driver being responsible for remaining in control of the car at all times.  The Advanced Autopilot feature lists at $5,000 at time of order or $6,000 as a software upgrade after delivery.

Full Self-Driving Capability -  is a second optional software feature and requires the Advanced Autopilot feature to be purchased.  This $3,000 feature (at time of order or $4,000 after delivery) doubles the number of active cameras from four to eight, enabling full self-driving in almost all circumstances at a level of safety that Tesla Motors feels will be twice as good as the average human driver.  The Full Self-Driving Capability is designed to be able to conduct short and long distance trips with no action required by the person in the driver's seat.  Also newly announced, Superchargers which have "automatic charge connection" enabled, will not require you to plug the Supercharger into your Tesla vehicle.   The Full Self-Driving Capability is dependent upon extensive software validation and regulatory approval, which may vary widely by jurisdiction.  Tesla mentioned that using Full Self-Driving for ride hailing for revenue purposes will only be permissible on "the Tesla Network" (details of which will be released in 2017).

 General     On November 4, 2016 the P90D high performance Model S was removed from the Tesla Design Studio as a model option.  The P100D Ludicrous is now the only high performance Model S.

The Model S line now looks as follows:
  • 60
  • 60D
  • 75
  • 75D
  • 90D
  • P100D
Interior The small silver button on the Cruise Control / Auto Pilot control stalk was removed in a redesign. First being reported in early 2016 Model S cars.  In addition the upper surfaces of the doors and the center of the steering wheel are finished in a smooth near grainless black leather if the Premium Interior was ordered.  Prior to this, those surfaces were composed of a more pebbly grained material.

Interior On or about March 13th, a new standard feature was added to the Model S, the integrated center console.  The Yacht floor center console partition was dropped.  In addition, those Model S owners who had an Accessories Center Console on order from the TESLA GEAR website were offered an option to upgrade their center console to the new integrated center console.  This upgrade however, also includes rear passenger hidden cup holders and will require an additional Service Center order able docking station for phone charging.  The older Tesla center console was removed as an order able option from the TESLA GEAR Accessories website.


 Interior     On April 12, 2016 Tesla Motors quietly made the following changes to the interior of the Model S known as the 2015 Refresh S, as follows:
  • The standard Piano Black interior finish decor was dropped and is no longer available.
  • Two new optional interior decor finishes were added:  Figured Ash Wood Decor and Dark Ash Wood Decor (which is standard in the Design Studio.
  • The Front Trunk or Frunk, its plastic surrounds, latching connection and interior was changed.  Possibly the front hood was also slightly redesigned.
  • The Premium Upgrades Package was reconfigured as follows:
    • Three Positon dynamic LED turning headlights for improved nighttime visibility
    • LED fog lights
    • A true HEPA air filtration system that is 100 times more effective than premium automotive filters, removing at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust solution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from the cabin air .  Includes a Bioweapon Defense Mode.
    • Two activated carbon air purification filters that prevent nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon exhaust fumes and other offensive odors from entering the cabin.

Interior      On or about June 9th, the Tesla Motors Gear website listed a Performance Pedal Set which when ordered provides two brush aluminum and rubber pedals for the break pedal and the accelerator pedal.  When this order is placed, the shipment and installation will take place at your specified Tesla Service Center.  These pedals were only available for P (Performance) Model S cars and can now be retrofitted to all Model S cars.

Interior      On June 16th, the Tesla Motors Gear website listed the new Model S Integrated Center Console.  This new one piece center console replaces the existing yacht floor storage area and central arm rest.   The existing interior accent padded arm rests and trim are used in the new Integrated Center Console.  The console is all one piece, affording storage, cup holders for front and rear passengers (rear cup holders are hidden and upon a press extend to present themselves).   The ICC also has a mammoth colored cover for a rearward storage bin and an option phone docking station wiring and nest.   The previously offered Tesla Drop-In Center Console is no longer available.  In addition there is rumor that this new ICC will become standard equipment for all new Model S.

2016 August Interior  On August 23, 2016 the newly announced P100D and P90D have a new seating choice called Premium Seats which are offered in White, Tan and Black leather.  The previous Next Gen seats were dropped as an interior design choice for the P100D and P90D.  The new Premium Seats offer a prosterior cooling feature with air flow capability as well as adjustable headrests.

Interior      On or about August 31, 2016 Tesla Motors quietly began building Model S center consoles with two hidden rear cup holders (push in to reveal and push in to hide)  as well as two rear facing USB ports.  The USB ports, designed for rear passenger use, are power only ports and as such the entertainment system will not recognize any media on those ports.  This new feature was reported by TMC user BertX on September 9, 2016.

2016 October   Interior     On or about October 1, 2016 Grey Next-Gen seats were again an order able option for the Model S 60, 60D, 75, 75D and 90D.  As noted above, the P90D and P100D have Premium Seats as an option.

2016 December      Interior     On December 14, 2016 the decor finish of Obeche Matte and Obeche Gloss were removed from the Model S design Studio.  The remaining decor finishes are Dark Ash (black), Figured Ash and Carbon Fibre.  In addition, the Premium Upgrades Package now includes the Ventilated Front Seats.  In the past, the Ventilated front seats were only offered on the P100D Model S.

2016 February Exterior The rear carbon fibre spoiler was added to the Tesla Motors TESLA GEAR Accessories website product as an after market item. The rear carbon fibre spoiler, prior to this, was only available as a Design Studio option if the Model S was a + / P or Performance version such as the P90D. It now can be ordered, post delivery, for any Model S. It must be delivered to and installed by the Tesla Service Center.


 Exterior On or about March 13th the ability to order Red Brake Calipers from the TESLA GEAR Accessories website was introduced for any Model S.  Prior to this, red brake calipers were only available on the + or P (Performance) versions of the Model S.   This option is a complete replacement of your current set of brake calipers and is performed at your Service Center.
Exterior On or about March 4th the base 19" wheel design changed from the 5 spoke silver to a new wheel design called the 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels.   At the same time, the lug nuts for the new Slipstream Wheels were changed from one piece chromed lugs to a new lug and cap design.  The lug is a standard thru bolt lug and then a chimed cap covers the lug.  About Mid May, 2016 a Winter Tire 19" Silver Slipstream wheel and tire package was added to the Tesla Gear website.  This package consists of: 4 19X8 Silver Slipstream wheels, 4 Pirelli Sotto Zero winter tires, 4 TPMS sensors and 4 silver Tesla center caps.  The original 5 spoke silver 19" winter wheel package was removed from ordering at the same time.

Exterior     On April 12, 2016 Tesla Motors quietly announced major changes to the Model S known as the 2016 Refresh Model S.  The Model S Refresh is expected to begin shipping in May of 2016 with a few showroom demonstrators appearing in late April of 2016. The exterior changes announced are as follows:
  • The front end of the 2016 Refresh Model S has a new front end which has design queues which are similar the front end of the Tesla Model X. The prior Model S Ovoid nosecone was dropped. 
  • The front radar sensor was moved up from the previous lower position to a hidden area near and behind the Tesla T front logo.  
  • The standard headlights were modified to be LED headlights.  
  • The choice of the Premium Upgrades Packages upgrades the standard LED headlights to be active three position turning headlights which automatically adjust the beam of the headlights to improve night time driving visibility.  These headlights have electronic sensors which measure driving speed, steering angle and yaw to determine the optimum position of the headlights.
  • The fog lights are LED 
  • The side sill plates are now the same color paint as the car body.  Prior to this they were in black trim material.
  • The rear diffuser was changed to be black and may no longer have the chrome trim that came with the choice of the Premium Interior Option.
  • The interior of the Frunk and the plastic surrounds of the Frunk have been redesigned.
2016 October      General    
  • Oct 7, 2016 - Tesla Motors quietly discontinued two exterior color options on the Model S.  Titanium Silver Metallic and Solid White were removed from the Tesla Design Studio.

  • Oct 20, 2016 - New Autopilot hardware suite: 8 cameras, 1 radar, ultrasonics & new Nvidia-based (Drive PX2) supercomputer.
2016 November      Exterior    
  • Nov 4, 2016 Tesla Motors quietly offered a new solid glass roof as an option.  
    The solid glass roof has no moving parts and cannot be opened.  The solid glass roof costs about $500 less than the Panoramic Roof (which increased in cost from $1,500 to $2,000).  
    The three options for roof treatment are:  Painted Roof, Solid Glass Roof, Active Panoramic Roof.
2016 December      Interior    
  • Dec 14, 2016 Tesla Motors quietly offered a new vegan interior option and next-gen premium in-house seats for all its models
2017 January      Interior    
  • Jan 20, 2017 - Tesla is bundling its interior options for Model S (just like Model X)
2017 July      Drive Dynamics    
  • July 1st, 2017 - Tesla improves performance:
    Model 75: 4.3 seconds down from 5.5 seconds
    Model S 75D: 4.2 seconds down from 5.2 seconds
    Model S 100D: 4.1 seconds down from 4.2 seconds
2019 May      Drive Dynamics    
  • May, 2019 - Tesla upgraded Model S (and Model X) with Raven motors, and new adaptive suspension