When do I have to hand in my notice?

The terms and conditions of teachers in maintained schools are set out in the Burgundy Book. It states that teachers only have the right to leave at the end of a term. To do so, they must give two months notice during the Autumn or Spring Terms, and three months notice in the Summer Term. Headteachers must give an additional month's notice. Resignation dates are set out below:

Resignation dates

To leave at the end of...Teachers must resign by:Heads must resign by:
Autumn Term
(31 December)
31 October31 September
Spring Term
(30 April)
28 (29) February31 January
Summer Term
(31 August)
31 May30 April

Note that terms are considered to end at the end of the months shown, despite holidays

Although teachers often to refer to half-term holidays as resignation dates, note that the exact dates by which resignations must be offered are the last days of the respective calendar months.

Will I get paid for the holidays?

Teachers on permanent contracts should be paid up until the end of the month in which they leave (e.g. to 31st December). The only difference is where a teacher starts a new job after Easter but before 30 April, in which case the old school is only expected to pay up to the date before they start at a new school.

Can I leave at half term?

Can I leave at any other time?

If you wish to leave at any other time of the year, or with any other period of notice,  then you will need to do so with the agreement of your Headteacher and Governing Body. Many people do resign and leave at other times (e.g. half term) for personal reasons, such as a partner's job relocation. If this is something you are considering, early contact with your Headteacher may allow you to negotiate an early release.