How much notice are teachers entitled to when a redundancy situation arises in a maintained school?

'Fair industrial practice' implies that schools should notify employees of redundancies arising "as early as possible". If more than 20 posts are being made redundant, then the law requires that schools consult with representative unions no later than 30 days before the redundancies are expected to take effect (100 days if more than 100 posts are made redundant). Further case law implies that such consultation should take place before decisions are made about which specific posts are to be identified as redundant. Because of this, and the necessary notice periods to be served of up to 3 months, consultation would normally be expected to take place in the term preceding the term of redundancy (i.e. in the Spring term for redundancies to be made with effect from 31st August).

How should individuals be selected for redundancy?

There are no rules about exactly which methods must be employed to select individuals for redundancy, but the method chosen must be objectively established and applied.

Am I entitled to time off to apply for other jobs?

Teachers under notice of redundancy are entitled to 'reasonable' time to look for and interview for other posts during their notice period.

Are teachers entitled to redundancy pay?

Teachers employed for 2 or more years on a continuous basis are entitled to statutory redundancy pay.

What statutory redundancy pay are teachers entitled to?

Full-time teachers redundancy pay will be based on the maximum legally allowable amounts when calculating final redundancy pay. Such pay is also based on the age of the person being made redundant, and length of continuous service (with any and all local authority schools). The base rate as of 2010 is £380. Thus teachers redundancy pay would be:
  • £190 for each year of service before the age of 22
  • £380 for each year of service between the ages of 22 and 40
  • £570 for each year of service after the age of 40
A maximum of twenty years of service can be taken into account. You can calculate your redundancy entitlement at

Do teachers get anything more than the statutory basic redundancy pay?

This will depend on the local authority or other employer in VA and foundation schools. Some employers allow claims for multiples of the teacher's full weekly pay rather than of the £380 basic amount. Unions can advise on local agreements.

Can I take up another teaching post after receiving redundancy pay?

Redundancy calculations are based on continuous service in any or all maintained schools. Because of this, if a teacher takes up another post in a maintained school that would entitled them to continue their continuous service, then the redundancy pay entitlement would lapse. The circumstances under which this might happen are specific. A teacher will not lose redundancy pay if:
  • they do not receive the new job offer until after their post has been terminated; or
  • the new post starts more than 4 weeks after their post has been terminated; or
  • the teacher moves to another employer, e.g. independent school or academy and therefore does not maintain continuous service.

Can I take early retirement instead of being made redundant?

Premature retirement must be approved by the employer, and may have an impact on pension entitlement. Teachers over the age of 55 may choose to take early retirement with a reduced pension. Professional financial advice should be sought about such decisions.

Where can I find further information?

The teaching unions all offer advice on dealing with redundancy situations in school. In particular, the ATL publishes a detailed booklet on matters relating to redundancy which is available at: