Teacher Registration

What is my DES / DfEE / DfES / GTC number?

A great deal of administration is connected with the role of teaching, particularly when starting a new post, or liaising with Teachers Pensions, etc. To do this, all teachers are given a 'Teacher Reference Number'. This was previously know as a DfEE number, and similar titles.

All references to these numbers now refer to a Teacher Reference Number, which is normally in the form:

01 / 23456

Where can I find my Teacher Reference Number?

Every teacher in the UK is allocated a Teacher Reference Number by the DfES. Currently this is dealt with by Capita.

You should find your Teacher Reference Number on your QTS certificate. You can also get your Teacher Reference Number by contacting Capita, who co-ordinate Teachers' pension arrangements:

Telephone: 01325 745746
Fax: 01325 745789
email: tpmail@capitagroup.co.uk

Do I have to join the GTC?

The GTCE no longer exists. There is no requirement to join a professional body for any teachers.