The TESFU Test

Looking to try out an Elder Scrolls test? This one is not only of Elder Scrolls lore, but also of gameplay knowledge. Think you're up to the task? Well, no cheating, and enjoy!        













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1. Brian S- 95%

2. Julian_Jr 80%

3. FC4- 75%

4. slujs_br- 75%

5. Gaius_Maximus- 75% 

6. tillerjpg- 65%

7. Ibis- 65%

8. Lettuceman44- 60%

9. Vrek- 50%

10. Tennisbollen- 45% 

11. slane_wolf- 35%

12. Tschultze- 25%

13. aceball69- 25% 


Elder Scrolls Test

There is no set limit of time to work on the test, but for your own sense of pride, please do not cheat. This test will have 15 multiple choice questions, and 5 short answer questions, worth five points each. Hopefully it will be pretty challenging!

Multiple Choice

1. The spell effect, "Rally" occurs in which magical school?

A) Alteration B) Morrowind C) Illusion D) Mysticism

2. The ayelids are often reffered to as?

A) Wild Elves B) White-Gold Elves C) Heartlanders D) Aye-Mer

3. Who was the emperor who came after Tiber Septim?

A) Uriel I B) Pelagius I C) Cassynder  D) Reman 

4. Regulus Terentius is the count of which town?

A) Leyawiin B) Bravil C) Bruma D) Chorrol 

5. Which of these months were NOT in Morrowind?

A) Last Seed B) Frost Fall C) Rain's Hand D) Morning Star

6. Shezzar is another name for whom?

A) Pelinal Whitestrake B) Lorkhan C) Vivec D) None of the Above

7. Which is NOT a creature in Shivering Isles?

A) Scalon B) Daedroth C) Hunger D) Grummite

8. Vivec can also be known as?

A. Vehk  B. The Warrior King C. The Poet God D. None of the Above

9. What staff destroyed Jagar Tharn?

A. The staff of wonders B. The staff of Illusion C. The staff of chaotics D. None of the Above

10. Who was the "Father of the Niben"?

A. Topal the Pilot B. Irlav Jarol C. Merius D. Empress Katariah

11. Who is the protagonist in the game "Redguard"?

A. Gelyn B. Thetric C. Cyrus D. Unnamed Champion

12. The dwemer ruin in Morrowind with the dwemer puzzle box is called?

A. Druscasthi B. Arkngthand C. Mzuleft D. Kemel-Ze

13. Who is not a child of Queen Barenziah?

A. Symmachus B. Morgiah C. Helseth D. Both B and C

14. Which disease is found in both Morrowind and Oblivion?

A. Ash Woe Blight B. Witch-wither C. Feeble Limb D. Greenspore

15. Which one of these were not Uriel Septim VII's son?

A. Martin B. Enman C. Malpen D. Ebel

Short Answer

1. In your own words, explain what a dragon break is. 

2. What does ALMSIVI mean?

3. What is the Psijic Order?

4. Which skills does willpower govern?

5. In what year did the events of Morrowind occur?

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