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3.22.08- Oblivion Real Estate back up and running

By Hendrix

For those interested in house mods, you'd know the place to go for Oblivion ones was Oblivion's Real Estate. Due to bandwith issues, the site was closed down last month. However, thanks to the diligence of Shezrie (the admin) and her team, ORE is back up and running again, and you'll need a free account to access the site.

In other modding news, we at TESFU are proud to present our second released Oblivion mod, Lake Canulus Village. This scenic village is our biggest release yet.

3.20.08- Old News

By Hendrix 

Old news from Bethblog. Oblivion was the second highest rated game from last year in Japan. There is also an instructional video on how to install SI on consoles, for those having a hard time with it.

3.11.08- State of TESFU

By Hendrix   

Just wanted to give you guys a bit of a heads-up on what's going on in the future for TESFU. Although I've mentioned it before, I can't wait until you guys will be able to download files from a download site that we now have in the works (thank you lettuceman). I still plan on doing a TES conversation feature, which I think will surface sometime next month. Also, look forward to a TESFU video list coming up soon, where we'll list all important and interesting TES vids. 

Time to re-instate my boring old goals. I decided that since recently I can no longer do PM recruitment on the bethesda forums, that my overall member goal has been reduced. Now, by the end of the year, I'm hoping for 500 members. Without a sure way of recruiting, that is a slightly lofty goal, but I think it can be done. Also, check off that Bethesda blog entry goal, we've already been mentioned. So obviously those goals have been reached, and views + posting goals I think we can easily meet. Here's to an awesome TESFU in the future!

3.3.08- Oblivion's Real Estate is lost

By Hendrix

For those Oblivion PC players often looking for a strong house mod, many of you guys visited Oblivion's Real EstateThe site sadly, can no longer continue. For exact reasons as to why, simply visit the link, and you'll find it's a sad day for a great independent house modding site. Luckily, the forums, as well as MORE (Modders of ORE) are still up, but ORE will be missed!

3.3.08- Two years after Oblivion went gold

By Hendrix 

Hard to believe it's been two years isn't it? The Bethesda Blog has an interesting entry with some of the devs favorite moments in their long worked on game. Keep in mind that we'll make something like that two years from the actual release (March) of Oblivion, and six years (in June)of Morrowind. You know, one of those retrospective sorta things. So yeah, just to keep you guys interested.

2. 28.08- TESFU Union Character Now Posted

By Hendrix 

That's right, now you can download our new union character! The download also has its backstory as well. Here's the download link.

2. 19.08- TESFU Mentioned by Bethesda Blog

By Julian

Yup, we were mentioned for the first time by Bethesda Blog! You can find the post on Bethesda Blog here.

2. 13.08- Why Not Make More?

By Hendrix 

I know they won't do it; it just drives me nuts. Obviously, Bethesda has to acknowledge that they are making boatloads of cash on the downloadable content they have released for Oblivion. This question has been met with a bit of resistance previously; but I've yet to find a legitimate answer. 

Why not make more?

Often, a naysayer points to the fact that it costs quite a lot money to make this downloadable content. I can say with authority that this simply is not true. The downloadable content that they've released can certainly be made (and has been made) with basic modding tools that everyday people pay nothing, or little to nothing for. It's not like they lack people to do something like this either. If they had a modeler, scripter, and interior designer all blended into one, they could release one of these per month or two, and make even more money. I understand that Bethesda needs to take a break from Oblivion, we all do at some point; but this still would be taking a break. Essentially, two people could satisfy a giant, willing-to-pay userbase, while the rest of Bethesda can focus on Fallout. Just a little food-for-thought. 

1.18.08- Oblivion wins GOTY in Japan?

By Hendrix 

Well, I suppose it's true. According to Famitsu magazine, the editors with one vote to themselves, and regardless of sales numbers, gave Oblivion the majority of the votes for their best game of 2007. My take on this is that it's interesting to see a Western Game thrive in Japan, or at least be recognized as great. Perhaps this will give Western RPGs, and Western Games in general more liking in Japan, because we all know Famitsu is quite an influential magazine over there.


1.9.08- TES MMO rumours in latest OXM

By Hendrix 

A thread on the Bethesda Official Forums states that an online Elder Scrolls offering will be released on the next generation of consoles at launch, which is sometime in late 2010, to 2011. A very early rumour, and magazine rumour moles are often notoriously wrong, yet it's still interesting to take note of.

1.9.08- How an Online Elder Scrolls Would Work

By Hendrix 

This is an article formerly on the blog of yours truly on gamespot.com.  It offers interesting ideas, albeit slightly simplistic, gives some insight on how it should or could work, without changing the world around entirely. It was originally posted on November 21st, 2007.

Well, it seems ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem. The Elder Scrolls community is split between wanting a massively multiplayer game from Bethesda, not caring as long as it does not take the place of Elder Scrolls V, or being about to start a riot if this rumor comes true. Yes, the fact is, this online Elder Scrolls game is simply only a rumor, however on numerous accounts, it seems this rumor is about to submerge itself into a full-fledged Elder Scrolls online game.

My own opinion on this, obviously does not matter, but unlike many hardcore fans of the series who would feel almost betrayed if an MMO was in development that took place in the Elder Scrolls universe, my mind has changed a bit concerning it. I wouldn't mind an Elder Scrolls Online game, in fact I would actually like it, but only if the game followed certain parameters. In fact, I believe Elder Scrolls V and online can work together, even with thousands of former fans boycotting the game. So, without further ado, here are my ideas for why an online game taking place in this universe could actually work, and work especially well.

Many who have played an Elder Scrolls game before have lauded the universe they've played in, enjoying the games as somewhat of an MMO without actually having an online component in the first place. This makes for somewhat of an easier transition for fans to bear than say, Warcraft fans, who played exceptional RTS games before making the switch to an MMO game, in which many of their fans to this day feel saddened by what Warcraft has become. That said, Elder Scrolls Fans do love the single-player RPG because of just that, it's single-player, and won't exactly applaud the idea of playing an MMO set within the universe. This is why something like this needs to happen.

1) Servers need to be severely limited

If you look at how huge a single-player RPG like Oblivion is, that's 16 square miles, it compares fully to a small massively multiplayer game. With a bit more simplistic graphics, coupled with a much larger world, this could give the player the exploration feeling they get when they played previous Elder Scrolls games. However, real life could get in the way, and that's why servers need to be extremely limited, perhaps only 200 users per server (if that's possible) so players can still manage to talk fully to some NPCs, and other gameplay options from other TES games aren't scrapped.

2) There needn't be a main quest, instead make everything rely upon the guilds

Although I've never played Guild Wars, I'm one to know that the guilds in that MMO are what often make the game fun. The guilds in the Elder Scrolls games have always been enshrined within the lore of the series, and make sense within a multiplayer game because they basically are communities, and this way not everyone at the end of the game becomes the leader of a guild. Instead, I can see people vying for position in the mages guild, cracking down on the dark brotherhood as the Imperial Legion, stealing powerful armor from the fighters guild as the thieves guild, and more. Also, guild quests must be voiced, and they'll need to figure out how a somewhat single-player experience can be channelled into an online experience. All in all, guilds could make an Elder Scrolls Online game a huge hit.

3) The modding community needs to be able to be involved

I was reading a post before, that enticed me to say this, because it brought up a really good point. The modding community for the Elder Scrolls is humongous, perhaps even larger than that of Half-Life's, and they cannot be taken away from the picture. In fact, a clever addition of mods into gameplay can help the developers as well. Imagine someone adding a questline for everyone to play, a buyable house available at auction. Modders are the heart and soul of the Elder Scrolls series currently, due to the fact that no games or news (besides these rumors) have been going on about the series for a long time, and they need not be forgotten.

4) The monthly costs must be free

I don't care what Zenimax or Bethesda want to say about this issue, it must be free. Guild Wars has proven that it's still profitable, and hey, I don't care how many DLC's or expansions they add to the game, as long as the monthly costs are free, I will be eternally grateful. It will also inspire a lot less hatred in already angered TES fans, because it will seem like Bethesda is giving something back to them. Honestly, a monthly-fee free MMO from my favorite RPG series would not offend me one bit.

An Elder Scrolls MMO could be troubling on any TES fan's mind, but I think there are some ways overall it can be a raved about game, by even Daggerfall purists. I hope you guys take these ideas into consideration before you automatically diss the game in the first place, because I think hardcore fans have judged the game unfairly, including me for quite a while.