Morrowind Recommended Mods List

Our list of recommended mods 














1. Graphic replacements/enhancers

2. Bug Fixes/Tweaks

3. Immersive/Realism Mods

4. Quest Mods

5. House/Village Mods

6. Overhaul Mods

7.  Item/Creature Mods

8. Landmass Mods

9. More coming soon

Every mod included on the list is a good mod, but some are prefered by users more than others. In order to give you an idea of what we like best, there are a few kudos awards we can give to show our appreciation.

If a mod has > next to it, it means it's appreciated by either hendrix, or lettuceman.

If a mod has two >>, it means it's widely appreciated by the community, and is a very popular mod. 

 Graphic replacements/enhancers

>>Visual Pack- Texture replacer that replaces a lot of textures with better high resolution ones sticking close to the feel of the game. This pack comes combines Visual Packs 2.11, 2.2 and XT

>>Morrowind Graphics Extender- This third party program brings many new graphical features to Morrowind like infinite view distance, HDR effect, reflective water, and distant statics.

>>Darker Morrowind- A high resolution texture replacer that brings a darker feel to Morrowind. It also changes the weather and lighting to fit in with the style of the mod.

>>Vibrant Morrowind- A high resolution colorful texture replacer, sticking true to the meaning of vibrant.

>Book Jackets- Replaces all the books in the game with new unique covers for all of them and lore friendly also. Really fits in the game.

>Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul- Replaces the textures in Solstheim with new realistic looking ones. Really great looking.

>Vvardenfell Visages Volume 1- A pluginless face and hair replacer for all races from the works of many different modders. Great looking high resolution faces.

>>Better Bodies- Replaces the original Morrowind bodies, with new seamless better looking ones. A must have Morrowind mod.