TESFU Modding Team

List of our modding team for both Morrowind and Oblivion, as well as the projects we are working on.  

 By Hendrix

At TESFU, many of us are quite dedicated to modding the games of Morrowind and Oblivion, and we have quite a few group-specific as well as solo projects going on. Before we go into that, here's the list of modders we currently have for Morrowind and Oblivion. If I've forgotten something, forgive me, I will add you if you ask on the forums.

Morrowind Modders:

1. Lettuceman44 (Lead Modder, interiors, exteriors, scripting, some re-texturing).

2. Ibis (Interiors, Exteriors, Re-texturing)

3. Unpleasant_Assailant (Interiors, Exteriors)

4. Slujs_Br (Interiors)

Oblivion Modders:

1. Chris_07 (Lead Oblivion Modder, Interior, Exterior, AI)

2. Hendrix (Bookwriter, Exteriors)

3. paw-prints-in-the-mud (Odd Jobs, Writer)

4. Various collaboraters, like J3X, who have yet to truly join the team.




1. Solstheim House- An excellent hunting lodge made by lettuceman44, in the middle of Solstheim. Perfect for someone role-playing a hunter. Download Link 

2. Imperial Forts Retexture- A retexture of Connary's excellent Imperial Fort texture mod made more gray-blue similar to the original texture's color. Download Link


1. Build Your Own House- Another mod by lettuceman, this ambitious project allows you to choose what house you want made, in different architectures and what-not, for an especially enjoyable experience.

2. Reward Homes- A mod by Unpleasent_Assailant that gives you homes as rewards for completing certain factions, and it's in early stages.


1) Group Project- Obviously still being decided on, you can have a claim in its creation! Here's the thread link for more info.  

Oblivion Mods


1) TESFU Book Collection v1.1- Written by various authors around TESFU, as well as 2 from Tamriel Rebuilt, this mod adds 20 new books to the First Edition bookstore in the Imperial City. Expect a full-blown bookstore, and more books in v2. Download Link  


1) Lake Canulus Village- Co-Worked on by hendrix and chris_07, adds a new village with anvil-styled architecture to the banks of scenic lake Canulus. Pic1, Pic2 


1) Imperial City Store Expansion- An idea of mine when I learned about Hel_Borne's exterior store resource for the Imperial City, this will add 2-3 new stores to the market district, as well as perhaps new homes, public places in future updates.

2) Imperial City Grand Museum- A long-term idea that could be made in a very long time, the Grand Museum will be a beautiful place either on the Imperial Isle, or not far from it. Includes various different rooms, and places to learn about lore. 

Want to contribute an idea? Join our forums, and post in the modding team discussion board.