Elder Scrolls Videos

Updated weekly, we'll give you a nice video per week of a youtube video regarding the Elder Scrolls. Generally, it'll be funny videos, modding videos, or gameplay videos, but it could always be something else.













Week of 5/28:

To break the possible monotony of 5 Orc-Blivions in a row, we're going to have a change this week with Ye Olde Pickup Lines of Oblivion.

Week of 5/20:

This week we have the fourth installment of Orc-Blivion by James Egger. Find Orc-Blivion Episode 4 here

Week of 5/13:

This week we have Orc-Blivion episode two. Get ready for more laughs in the hilarious third installment. Find Orc-Blivion Episoed 3 here.

Week of 5/6:

This week's video is the second installment of Orc-Blivion. It is episode two of the hilarious and entertaining series. Find Orc-Blivion episode 2 here.

Week of 4/30:

This week we have Orc-Blivion episode 1. The next episodes will be put up over the coming weeks. Find Orc-Blivion episode 1 here.

Week of 4/23:

This week, we have the mod; Andoran. It seems very professional and the music fits very well with the theme. It is very reminiscent of Morrowind, so maybe something some of you should check out. Find Andoran here. Find the full song used in Andoran here.

Week of 4/16:

This week, we have The Legend of Finkledorf Humperdink. Prepare for something quite... unexpected. Find the Legend of Finkledorf Humperdink here.

Week of 3/16:

This week's video is a sad story, with great production by Valkyrie, a popular Oblivion videographer. One of the best of its craft. This is called the Letter Home. Find the Letter Home here.

Week of 3/9 Video:

This week we start off with comedy, giving you Oblivi-Watch, a spoof of Baywatch, with our good old friend the adoring fan. Next week, we'll have something else entirely different. Find Oblivi-Watch here.