Here are some great links to check out  for any TES site.











 TESFU Branches

GameSpot Branch of TESFU- This is our old branch, currently headed by lettuceman44. Gamespot Branch

TESFU Forums- If you for some reason do not click on our forum link, here's the link to our own forums, getting more and more popular by the day. Forum Link 

Official TES Sites Although not updated much in non-development time, is a great resource for many members. Link 

Bethesda Blog- If you want to see what the Bethesda team is currently up to, there's no better place than the Bethesda Blog. Link 

Bethesda Official Forums- The place where it's entirely at for all TES and Fallout talk. The official forums boast an impressive amount of activity, with discussions boasting from Morrowind mods to TES: Shadowkey tips.  Link

Unofficial TES sites

Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages- The unofficial elder scrolls pages boast perhaps the most comprehensive Elder Scrolls info, regarding books, walkthroughs, tips, NPCs and more. This unofficial wiki is a must-resource for any TES game-player. Link  

The Imperial Library-  The must-go place for Elder Scrolls lore. If you wish to be a complete lore buff, and want to know what people are talking about when they mention Lorkhan, Vhek, or Anu and Padomay, here's the place to go. Link 

Mods, and Download Sites

PlanetElderScrolls- Looking to view screenshots, download trailers, or play the latest mods, then planetelderscrolls is the definitive place to go for both Oblivion and Morrowind. Although it doesn't contain the most mods, there are often mods of the highest quality uploaded here, and thus, a quality website. Link 

TESNexus- Much more of an Oblivion mods site than anything else, TESNexus boasts the most Oblivion mods of any other site. Link 

Morrowind Mythic Mods- Morrowind's greatest mod collection, this wonderful site also provides a great amount of tutorials, and links to other places. Link 

ElricM Web Portal- Home to a large collection of Morrowind mods, and a growing collection for Oblivion mods, ElricM does not suffer in quality. Although it's not the largest site, it also hosts sites for some top-notch modders such as Emma, princess_stomper, and Korana. Link

Tamriel Rebuilt- Tamriel Rebuilt is different than the other links, because they are a single, organized, modding team designed on rebuilding Tamriel. There work is generally on par, or surpasses that of Bethesda's, but their site is not simply a site showcasing their own mods, they also give valuable tutorials, maps, and utilities to the TES modding, and general community. Link 

Chorrol- This is a large fan-site, with a big forum following. They have a few mods to download as well. Link

TES Roleplaying

 TES Fiction- TES Fiction is a fan forum for role-players out there, and is pretty active for simply role-playing and fan-fiction. Here's a link to the forums. Link

Currently, as I'm not a huge role-player, I'll need a bit of help with this. Please PM me any role-playing sites and forums on the TESFU forums. 

Any other links I missed for anything? I must have missed a biggie here and there! Simply PM me or e-mail me a link, and I'll gladly update it.