Interview with Summer

by Redsrock

This time I had the awesome experience of interviewing Summer, a Moderator at the BGSF forums. She is one of the nicest and most helpful of all the moderators there. In this interview I ask her about moderating, the next TES game, and what it's like living in Alaska.















1. How long were you a regular member of the BGSF forums before being promoted to Moderator?

I joined in Nov. of 2002 and became a moderator Nov. of 2005.

2. How hard is it for you to keep up with all the threads and whatnot when there are thousands upon thousands of members to keep track of?

Sometimes it is very difficult. But we have a pretty good system down and generally there is more than one of us on at once so we keep up. What many don't realize is that we can't possible read every single post in one section much less across the board. We rely heavily on reports and just read topics we find that are possible problem solvers. Another thing many don't realize is the amount of logging we do. Every warn or ban we do is logged including the bans of adbots or pornbots which most members never see.

3. What is one thing that members do that gets under your skin the most?

Quote and respond to posts that need to be deleted. This makes dealing with one bad post into having to deal with multiple posts that quoted the flame/inappropriate or trolling post. I wish folks would just report such things and not respond at all. Flaming the flamer gets two folks in trouble.

4. What is one challenge of your job as moderator, that maybe most people aren't aware of?

Logging actions and dealing with ad and pornbots.

5. What forum do you spend your most time at, and why?

I tend to spend most of my time in whatever section is the newests. Probally for the mere reason that I feel most needed there. I have recently started spending a bit more time in TES general just lurking around to see what folks want for the next TES game. But atm, I spend most of my time in FO general and admin sections. I like to be where the action is.

6. In the next Elder Scrolls game, what do you personally want to see that's new?

I would like to see some travel via buggys and some way to set things down and make them stay where I put them. I would also like to have more diplomatic ways to solve a quest. I would also like to go back the the MW way of having skills r/t advancement in guilds.

7. What do you personally want taken out of the next Elder Scrolls game that has already been implemented into the series?

I would like the fast travel to stay but without marked cities at the begining. I would like to start out with no idea of where anything is but the ability to fast travel there after finding it. I would also like the high level armor and things you find on the bandits to not be leveled quite so much. Finding armor that should be rare just kind of takes the fun out of getting it when it is everywhere. And (I could go on and on about this question) I would be thrilled if when making potions or enchanted armor if there was a chance of failure r/t skills.

8. What is your real name?

Summer is what my Dad called me and what most family members and old friends call me so that is close enough.

9. So you live in Alaska. Is it really as cold up there as people think?

Folks seem to think it is cold here year around. It is not. We have some very hot days in the summer, grow beautiful gardens and flowers and of course have daylight all summer long. As for winter, the harshness is dependant upon where you live up here. I live where we have very harsh cold in winter. An average winter day is -30 or colder (F) in winter. I have seen -72 as the coldest with -50 or -60 most winters for a day or week or so. So Alaska is all about extremes. Extreme hot in summer (80's and 90's) and extreme cold in winter.

10. Which would your rather have, a pet penguin or a pet polar bear, and why? (this is in no way meant to be offensive.)

Penguin but they don't live in Alaska. And the polar bears live pretty far north of me. I always wanted a pet elephant but they don't do well here either. I guess I'll settle for my little min-pin, Fergie. I take her trolling for owls every night. laugh.gif

11. What do you do for fun outside of the forums?

Hike, read, garden, pick berries, snow machine, go 4 wheeling, and an occasional night on the town.

12. If there was one person on the forums that you could choose to meet in real life, who would it be and why?

There are many folks I would like to meet in real life. I won't go naming names though and just leave it at most of them. I love people.

Thank you for your time, Summer! :)