Interview with Rohugh
This week I had the pleasure of interviewing BGSF's very own Moderator, Rohugh.  He is one of seventeen Moderators at BGSF, and is also an extremely friendly and helpful person.  In the following interview, Rohugh answers questions about Moderating at the Official Forums.













Interview conducted by Redsrock


How long have you been a Moderator at the official forums? Why do you think you were chosen to be a Moderator in the first place?

I was asked whether I would consider becoming a moderator in late October 2006 and had some discussion with Dreadlord and summer about it as I was uncertain whether that was what I wanted. I was pleased to be given the chance to put something back into the forums that I enjoyed being a member of but I was unsure as to whether I would be able to continue helping and answering questions in the Morrowind forum. I was assured that it would make no difference. November 14th I was contacted by admin with the official offer, 10 minutes later I was elevated to the ranks, the Bethesda black van pulled up outside my house and I was dragged away to be initiated in the secret moderator tower.
I have no idea why I was chosen, I was not privvy to those discussions.

What is the easiest part about your job, and why? Can you give an example?

Easiest and most boring is responding to the reports to move/close/delete threads, although it is not a “mind in neutral” job as it is always necessary to check that the report sent is indeed accurate and action needs to be taken.

What is the hardest part about your job, and why? Again, could you please give an example?

There is nothing really hard, after a while it becomes routine as how to deal with things. We have our own forum and work together closely as a team, if I have a problem then I can post it in that forum and ask advice from the other moderators. We also use IM to chat and discuss anything that may need action taken.

How proud does it make you to see how well BGSF has grown over the years, and how it has attracted so many wonderful people of various ethnic backgrounds?

I am certainly very proud to be a member and a moderator on these great forums.
It has grown over time, it now has over 185,000 members – not all active thank goodness. The most ever on line at one time was 5,035 when there was news for the Fallout 3 release and that was very hectic.
I do get a little grumpy with the “grammar nazis” who take delight in criticising others without stopping to think that English may not be their first language. With the wide range of members it goes to show the universal attraction of BGS games.

Out of all the problems Moderators face at BGSF, which would you say occurs the most? If it happens all the time and you tell people to stop, why do you think it keeps happening?

Members not wanting to take the advice they are given, either by moderators or other members being helpful in answering questions. It often leads to rudeness and flaming. I guess it is down to being too self opinionated and thinking they are entitled to say what they want, not hearing what they want to, or anger management problems.

Who is one current member at BGSF that you think will one day make an excellent Moderator for the forums?

There is a “New Moderators” topic in the Admin/Mod forum and when one of us thinks a member would make a good moderator their name is added. New moderators are not appointed very often, it show the strength of the present team in all wanting to continue doing it. However, there are occasions when someone leaves to move on with other things in their life, or there is a need because of increase in forum size. Those members on the list are discussed by moderators and administrators and one or two are chosen.

How have you been able to stay interested as a Moderator for so long, and not give it up because of fatigue or boredom?

We are all volunteers and can moderate the forums as much or as little as we want. There are times when I think “sod it!” so I just leave it all alone. There are usually other moderators around to deal with things. I do have to go invisible when I do that as otherwise I still get direct PMs from those who see me around.

What is one thing about Moderating the forums that people don’t realize?

The amount of abuse that moderators have to take from members who get upset when sanctions taken against them. Some of the PMs we receive can be particularly foul suggesting we do things that are physically impossible. I have learned a few new words since I have been doing this.

In closing, what is one thing about you that nobody else knows about?

My age. When I first joined I set my birth date at 1901 as it was the earliest date the software would allow. I will let the truth out – I am a lot older than that. 24.gif