Interview with Proweler
Proweler is an important member in The Imperial Library, and knows a lot about lore.











1. Despite being so knowledgable in Lore, you must undoubtedly encounter some things you do not know very well. What subjects in Lore seem to elude you the most, and you still find yourself learning more about each day?

A lot of the concepts in Lore are drawn from various real world religions, philsophies and cultures. Not so much in the obvious sense as that the Imperials are somewhat like the Romans but rather the idea that the Altmer views on Lorkhan are verry much like the Gnostic views of the demi-urge, or that the Sermons of Vivec follow the Campebllian ideas of a Hero's journey, or that Mankar Camorans character contains references to Aleister Crowly or that the Dwemer were big fans of Jean Baudrillard.
It's these things that mostly elude me, although I'll occasionally stumble upon them and wonder why they remind me of the Elderscrolls so much. 

2. You are a major part of a quintessential area of Elder Scrolls knowledge, the Imperial Library. Care to reminisce on your role within the Imperial Library, and how long you’ve been there?

I haven't been there that long actually. I've written the Story of Knights of the Nine and as much as time allows me too, I manage the Forum Scholars Guild. It's pretty rewarding work to see people come up with idea's and explanations and eqaulently putting them down onto the paper.

3. What aspect of Elder Scrolls lore do you find most interesting?

Though qeustion. What I like about the lore isn't so much a particulair aspect but rather the whole depth behind it. Tamriel is incredibly old and we've only seen the end of the third empire, yet everything that happened before it somewhat relates to the present events. The only reason the Empire over came the superior navy of the Altmeri Dominion was because Tiber Septim traded an armistance for the Numidium with Vivec, this Brass God wreaked havock on the Altmer and they surrendered.
Long after the Brass God had been discarded the past comes back to haunt us in High Rock as it becomes the weapon everybody is looking for to further their own goals. No different in Morrowind where Dagoth Ur has build a second Numidium and hopes to do the same.

But I guess you could say I like the historical aspect of Lore.

4. How long have you been an Elder Scrolls gamer, and which game has satisfied you most in terms of enjoyability, and/or lore?

I'm not sure I can awnser that qeustion properly. Morrowind was the first game of the series that I've played and I must have sunk something short of a thousand hours into it, none of the other games ever had that pull but I wasn't fifteen anymore either. 

5. Perhaps you could mention what plans you and the other administrators have for the Imperial Library in the future?

Nothing big really. We'll try to keep the Library running, perhaps expand language section with one about the Ayleid writing although I've understood from some people that it is mostly based on one of Tolkeens Elven languages.

6. What other hobbies do you have besides the Elder Scrolls series?

I wouldn't really call them hobbies but between univeristy and Lore I'm either playing games on the PC or reading books.