Interview with Modman

With all our interviews of big names in the Modding world, we at TESFU seem to have forgotten the shining stars that are still at work, hidden beneath smaller projects with lesser publicity. Introducing;

Modman, founder of Darkstar Studios 















This is my first foray into interviewing modders, and this interview was performed at Modman's personal request a while back, to post at his site. Performed over MSN Messenger, you can find the Interview also on  Darkstar Studios: Inside the Star

FC4: When did you start modding? 

Modman: I started modding about 5 months ago, back in November

What sparked your interest in modding? 

 Well, back then I was browsing Planet Elderscrolls and TESnexus for mods, and I came across a race mod, where this guy had commented saying "if anyone needs help making a race mod, e-mail me". I emailed him, and we became friends. He eventually asked me if I wanted to join a modding project he was in - "undernethe". I joined, and thats where I started modding.

What was the first mod you created and the first you downloaded?

The first mod I ever downloaded was Beautiful People. The first I created was a race mod - the Aregh (which you can find at )

What inspired you to create Darkstar Studios?

My inspiration for Darkstar gaming/modding studios was essentially another Modding group called "Cerberus mods."
they had way to many projects on their hands (from my perspective) and their members hardly had time for all of them (one of the projects actually got paused because of this)
so I thought mabe I could help, and created Darkstar to relieve the strain, by letting some new large scale mods join Darkstar instead of Cerberus. So essentially Darkstar was born out of me wanting to help the Modding team that helped me into modding!

How has Darkstar Studios fared in your opinion so far?

We have done ok. We have gotten ourselves known in the modding world, released a couple mods, and grown in the process.

What mods has Darkstar Studios released so far?

Darkstar has released only Race mods as of right now (Aregh, Shadow Elf, Headless Zombie, Fairy/Pixie, Giant), but we do have a large scale project on the go (Moons Of Nirn) and several smaller ones also in production, including one that joined us instead of Cerberus.

What hopes do you have for Darkstar Studios and yourself in the future?

Well, I hope to expand Darkstar in the future, and finish our large scale mods. Also I am hoping to finish our Game project, Hogwartz.

Getting off the mods for a tad, what other hobbies fill up your time?

Well, when I'm not modding Oblivion, I'm usually either Modding my computer, or playing one of 4 games:

TES:IV - Oblivion/Shivering isles
NFS carbon

Care to explain the acronyms for the less game savvy?

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion/Shivering Isles
Battle For Middle Earth 2
Battle For Middle Earth 1
Need For Speed Carbon

Now, on a final note... Are there any little bits of spoiler-licious info you'd like to give to the public?

Our motto for Darkstar is:
"Go beyond your imagination"
And we want you to do just that with all our mods/games.

And for our Game Production - "LIVE The Story After the books."

So all I want to tell our good friends out in the public - "If you go beyond imagination, you will come to be in places you never knew you never knew."

Well, thanks for allowing me to interview you, and I hope Darkstar lives up to the potential!