Interview with Ironed Maidens

The following is an interview with Lore-buff and fan-fiction writer, Ironed Maidens. His knowledge of lore is very extensive, and he is one of three people that I always go to whenever I have a question. Also, his writing ability is first rate, and his capability to write well and know lore blend together marvelously. 














 Interview conducted by redsrock

1. How did you get into Bethesda’s “The Elder Scrolls” series?

Well, I was at a friend’s house a few years back, maybe in 2002, when he told me about a game he had just gotten for his X-Box called Morrowind. I always liked RPG's, so I decided to play it while I was over. I liked it a lot, but didn't know exactly how to play. Once I got it down though, I've been hooked since.

2. What is the one thing in TES that stands out to you? In other words, what makes TES unique?

I'd love to say the lore, but in reality, it's the landscaping. The way they do it, even in's just mesmerizing. I love to just traverse the land, a wanderer. It's amazing.

3. How long did it take before you started writing stories based off of TES?

Not too long. It started about two years ago when I wrote a poem about Balmora while in class. I always daydreamed about the game. Haha. It took off from there, though. Certainly.

4. What is your inspiration for writing?

To keep it PG, I'd say just a way to relax. smile.gif

5. Other than your own writing, what kind of fan-fiction tales are you interested in?

I'm into a lot. I read every fanfic on this site, I just hardly ever comment. I also read GTA fanfics, as I used to write my own missions for them. I have a whole GTA game written up on another site. But more Elder Scrolls than anything.

6. For those out there who are looking to become a ‘Lore-Buff’, what are your suggestions to learning the ways of lore?

To have an open mind. It takes a lot less than some think to learn the lore. A good trip to every day keeps the lore critics away! biggrin.gif It's also all about getting into it, and making up your own thoughts on things covered in lore. Was Vivec REALLY born a god? Or did he use the Heart to become one? Things like that are what make the lore so great, and so easy to get into.

7. Many of your stories involve some kind of lore. How important do you think it is to include lore into your tales, and why?

It's important only for me, because that's the kind of guy I am. I like to keep the feel of the whole TES universe in my writing. But I'm certainly not going to not read something if it's not lore-correct. I just think it's a little more immersive for myself personally to read something that I can really see happening in the series.

8. Are there any other writers out there that you compare yourself with? Why?

As far as fanfics are concerned, not really. I like everyone's writing, though. But as far as lyrical writing goes, I'd love to say I'm a mix of Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page. But that's a huge stretch of the imagination. Haha.

9. Outside of the TES world, what do you do for fun?

I play guitar and just hang out with friends...again, to keep it PG. Of course, if you're a member in the Union, you know better. wink.gif I also work a lot, but that's no problem for me. I like money.

10. If you had the chance to go up to one person in the world (that is living) and say “Man, I just really, really respect you and the way you conduct yourself”, who would it be? Why?

Jimmy Page. I think he's so...outside of this world. He's such a genius in so many ways...a revolutionizing aspect of music. I deeply respect him and his achievements. If I were to ever meet him in real life though, I think I'd be too nervous and awe-struck to say anything at all."