Highlighted Mods- Week of 2/24

 I'm trying something new this week, instead of mods of the week; I'll be changing the title...and the format. Tell me if you enjoy it!

Since this is obviously a new feature, none of you know how it works. Basically, this is mods of the week in a new format with screens...links to videos, and plenty of cool stuff. We'll have two Oblivion mods per week, and two Morrowind mods per week, and generally they are recently uploaded. So, without further ado, here is our Highlighted Mods, First Edition.  

Oblivion Mods

Kyoma's Journal Mod

Unlike Morrowind, it seemed making a player-writeable journal mod was a fruitless attempt, as much of what was required scripting had been hard-coded in the Oblivion engine. However, kyoma found a way with this new handy-dandy journal mod where you can jot down things that you deem important...whether it's map coordinates, or what happened in that last dungeon. Keep in mind that this is an early version, and it may be a bit unstable, and the later versions will require Pluggy. However, it is still a colossal achievement in Oblivion modding. 

*Requires OBSE v14 or higher

Download Link


Fighter's Guild Contracts

This mod, unlike the journal one is a work-in-progress mod, so sadly you cannot see the greatness of it in-game yet. It is by a highly-skilled modder, giskard, famous for Kvatch Aftermath and Origin of the Mages Guild. There is not a ton of info currently, but it should be noted that it will play out more as a quest mod than his previous mods, where there will be tens of contracts from all over the guild, with no map marker, or quest arrow, simply a note of its location. Giskard said himself it may take many months to make, but it should be of high quality when its done.

Morrowind Mods

Vality's Balmora Mod

This beautiful retexture of both Balmora, and fitting with Vality's bitter coast mod makes for a beautiful and fresh new atmosphere to one of Morrowind lover's favorite cities. Be sure to not be using any other Balmora changing mods, but use Vality's bitter coast tree mod as well as this to see some glorious blended foliage as evidenced in this screen.

 Obviously giving Balmora an entirely different look, but one that is also more natural and fits Morrowind's landscape. Download the mod, and the Hlaalu building retexture at Planet Elder Scrolls.

Download Link

More Screens

 Bigger Vos

Fit for a character who often goes to this Telvanni area, you'll see some beautiful new architecture and exterior area through Vos, although the title is a bit misleading as its not truly much bigger than before. However, for those looking for even more aesthetic pleasure that adds to an already great atmosphere, than look no further. Still a work-in-progress, the author is taking suggestions in a bethesda forum thread.

Forum Thread