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Happy Easter everybody! And, of course, here's our weekly Highlighted Mods special, Easter or not! In case you don't know:  Highlighted Mods goes deep into some of the most popular mods of today, including works-in-progresses, release mods, and occasionally even ideas to whet your appetite. 

This week's edition is somewhat special, because it includes one of our union mods in the article, one a few of us had been working on for quite a while!

Oblivion Mods

Sheogorad- Forsaken Isles

Coming from Phitt, a modder who has brought us the likes of Natural History Musuem, comes a massive undertaking. He's creating the entire Sheogorad region of Morrowind as somewhat of an expansion for Oblivion, with new quests, and locations, and 100% player-textures. The WIP is about 40% done, and will likely take quite a few more months to make, due to its sheer size, but certainly will be an enjoyable mod when finished, and even more amazing as it's created by one person, with just a bit of help.

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Lake Canulus Village

The first non-book TESFU mod to be released for Oblivion, Lake Canulus Village offers a scenic location, with four buildings, and a quest for your very own home. It's not perfect, but it's got quite a lot of charm, and great for that adventurer who wants to stick away from the hustle and bustle of towns, but still see a nice community from time to time. 

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Morrowind Mods

Dance of the Three-Legged Guar (Beta)

Princess_Stomper and Kateri have recently released a beta to one of the long-running anticipated Morrowind mods out there. DTLG will include a romantic comedy! It allows you to travel to High Rock, gain companions, contains thousands of lines of dialogue, and offers plenty of new places to see. The beta allows you to play the Arnand story, with more to come! 

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Signy Signposts- TR Map One

Made specifically for Tamriel Rebuilt's map one, Earth_Wyrm has created a mod in the spirit of "Real Signposts" to add more realism, and immersion into mainland Morrowind. Perfect for those who simply want to know where they're going, just by looking at the sign (not by moving the cursor over it). The mod is nearly done and will be released soon!

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Have a favorite mod this week? Have a recommendation for next week's HM? Feel free to talk and comment on the article in our site articles thread.