Highlighted Mods- Week of 3/2

Looking for notable Morrowind and Oblivion mods? Look no further than Highlighted Mods, which checks out some of the most popular mods of today, including works-in-progresses, release mods, and occasionally even ideas to whet your appetite. 

Oblivion Mods

Kvatch Rebuilt

Though not the first Kvatch rebuilding mod to be released (that goes to Kvatch Aftermath's  giskard), this jewel should be mentioned because it's the most lore-accurate Kvatch mod out there. This mod goes into action immediately after you finish "Breaking the siege of Kvatch", and through a five-quest process, let's you rebuild the city to its former glory.  

In fact, when you're done with the quests, you'll find a living breathing city, filled with surviving citizens; and you'll have the opportunity to be crowned the count, or be a champion in Kvatch's arena. For a city that everyone wanted rebuilt, this could be a good mod to start with, as it offers the charm of an Elder Scrolls city. 

Download Link 

Detailed Terrain

This texture enhancer for terrain is currently in beta, and I can say from personal use that this makes the ground beautiful. Well perhaps "beautiful" isn't the right word, more like detailed...or exactly what the description. To put it simply, this updates the technology for the game's  terrain textures. There are only a few known issues, which are very minor.  

Enjoy the mod, it's gives quite nice qualities to looking  at the ground.

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Morrowind Mods

Class Abilities
Although even the author cites the title as unimaginative, Class Abilities adds some uniqueness to all of the various classes in Morrowind.  An example of one ability would be for the archer class; considered a long-range shooter, the archer is the one who has the called shot power, and Escape power. Those two powers can be casted once per day, and the archer also starts well-equipped for archery. The mod also adds a new character-class, the Shaman to the game, which his own abilities as well. 

Holgarr Village
Adds a beautiful little village on the Western shores of Solstheim. Included are a bakery, plenty of new dialogue and even a few quests. Keep in mind, the author is taking requests for quests and things like that, so the mod can always be improved in later iterations. 


Modding Notes: The Oblivion mod we mentioned last week on Highlights (Fighter's Guild Contracts), has been released...TESFU's own Book Collection has a release....yes I know, no WIP's this week. Next week, we'll have at least two included...and of course, the TESFU modding team is in need of members, check that part out of the forums if you want to be part of a team!