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Looking for interesting Morrowind and Oblivion mods? Look no further than Highlighted Mods, which goes deep into some of the most popular mods of today, including works-in-progresses, release mods, and occasionally even ideas to whet your appetite. 

This week's edition will check out some of the most intuitive and creative mods in the business. This week's theme is guild mods, so at least one mod from each game is game related.

Oblivion Mods

 Verona House: Bloodlines

If you've ever played the mod Verona House by dtom (whom also created a few guides at the Oblivion mod wiki), you'll know his work is excellent. It was a house made for the grand champion of Cyrodiil, and Bloodlines adds an entire questline for the champion of Cyrodiil to complete. It's an eleven-part questline, filled with intrigue with the champion fighting a cult and it's master. Not only does it have VOICED dialogue, but also various, and different ways to complete quests, whether it's fist fights, puzzles, etc. It also makes the town of Verona Bay fully functional, and the home has plenty of amenities. 

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C & C: The Blackwood Company

For those who do not know, C and C stand for Choices and Consequences, a lovely mod by Lingwei added new choice and reputation systems, as well as quests and dialogue to both the mage's guild and fighter's guild. Now, Lingwei's outdone him self with his Blackwood company mod. It'll add 16 quests to the faction that many wanted to play in the vanilla game. This is still in the work, and according to Lingwei, about 38% done. Check out the forum thread for more.

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Morrowind Mods

Tir Na Og

Believe it or not, this mod adds a home inside an abandoned ancestral tomb. It's actually quite large, and perfect for many kinds of characters, and also has plenty of unique tapestries, paintings and the like. This may be a little mod, but it packs a punch!

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Guild Salaries

This mod is a nice guild mod, for those looking a minor tweak. It's a way to make money outside of pillaging and quests, and depending on which faction you join, you can get more or less money. For example, the Great Houses pay the most of any faction, while Temple factions pay the least. Just a nice bit of realism to the game! Not finished yet though, but check out the forum thread for more.

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TESFU Modding Notes: The Lake Canulus mod will likely be released in it's first version next week, check the forum thread for more...work has started on an interior in the Imperial City to house the books from TESFU Book Collection, which is getting a somewhat large overhaul...The House Mod Competition is heating up at the forums. Join Now!

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