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Mod Review by Ibis:

Havish v1.3 by JOG, released February 25, 07 after 4 years in the making:

Havish, The easternmost Kingdom of the Skyrim Province ... On the border to Morrowind. Havish is located on Kaether Island which is in the NorthWestern corner of the Inner Sea.


I have long heard good things about Havish mod for Morrowind and I have decided to review it here; but through the Construction Set not ingame, because it has a requirement that you not delete or change any other mods while playing Havish and I am presently working on some mods in TESCS. A reason for this is that in the Havish mod NPCs on Vvardenfell are placed by script ingame instead of having a changed cell in the esm .. and this makes the mod very susceptible to the object-doubling and -deletion effects caused by removing and changing other plugins. So that is the warning, do not remove or change other plugins before completing the main quests of Havish. Havish is also an .ESM; so if you run other mods with Havish in TESCS you make them dependent thereafter on Havish just like they are dependent on Morrowind or Tribunal/Bloodmoon if they were run with those .esms.

Those are the warnings, now on to the good stuff:

A new city-state west of Vvardenfell. A big city with it's own Fighter/Mages/Thieves Guilds.

Having a rich diamond mine, and being a free city on the border to occupied Morrowind, Havish grew to a trade center, where ships from and to Vvardenfell made landfall. This changed lately, since the weather near Kathaer Island became unreliable and dangerous, merchantmen tend to avoid Havish.


- A new city on a 24-cell landmass west of Vvardenfell
- A 4-cell city with 117 Buildings
- A new Thieves Guild, independent from Vvardenfell's Guild
- 20 new Thieves Guild quests.
- 8 Fighter's Guild Quest
- 8 Mages Guild related quests
- Banking System (supports Indestructible's "Indy Bank" plugin)
- Lots of gambling (Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune, Ratfights)

I have some screenshots that I took in the construction set ... A distance shot of Havish ... Statue of King Hernod, a Nord Warrior ... Havish Banner ...

I don't want to give out any spoilers in this review, but there is a cave on the plateau near Havish that holds some enticing secrets to not only finding an awesome weapon but unlocking pre-daedric weapon smithing methods themselves. Very interesting research going on.

I hope that you will be enticed into visiting Havish for yourself. There are 3 ways to get to Havish - be a Mage Guild member with a reputation of at least 2; be a Thieves Guild member of 2nd rank, and be ongood terms with Habasi in Balmora; or As a Fighter's Guild member of 3rd rank, you'll get a quest fromEydis Fire-Eyes in Balmora. I intend to visit Havish for myself when I get a break in modding, so I hope to meet you there.