Guide to the Jerall Mountains Region

by- The Tamrielic Traveler
















Guide to the Jerall Mountains Region


    The Jerall Mountains region is made up of high-altitude mountains and glaciers and most of the terrain, or at least what I could gather for myself, is covered with snow. In the most eastern parts the mountains merge with the Valus Mountains near Cheydinhal, and there are several minor lakes and ponds to the east and southeastern parts. The entire region itself holds pure beauty, that much is for sure, but it is the bitter cold and snowy mountain ranges that causes travel throughout the area an extremely challenging task, therefore causing some of that beauty to be unimportant. And there is only one marked road, that being the Silver Road coming up from the south from the Imperial City, hence why I advise everyone to use extreme caution if you absolutely must travel through the mountains.

    There are other unmarked paths as well, but I wouldn’t recommend any novice hikers to trek through the mountains without someone with experience of such journeys, and even then I say just stay home. It’s exceptionally dangerous up there, and if it weren’t for my helpful Nordic friend, Brino from Bruma, I would have never made it out alive myself. And that is not a lie, the Jerall Mountains can be potentially the most dangerous place in all of Cyrodiil if you don’t know what you’re doing.

*People of Special Importance*

1. Countess Narina Carvain:  The Countess of Bruma, and a skillful ruler I should add. While I visited Bruma she asked me if I wanted to buy a house that she was trying to sell, but I had to turn down the offer because I never stay in one place for an extended amount of time. The house she had offered was only 10,000 septims, a modest price for the size of the home. I hope someone buys it.

2. Captain Burd:  Burd is the Captain of the Bruma Guard. His influence on the other soldiers is rather obvious, and for that he has my respect. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen other Guard Captains talk down to their men like they were scum. But not Burd, oh no. He treats them with respect, something I wish other officers would take lessons from. And if you’re ever having the urge to strike up a conversation with someone, Burd is the man to go to. While he thrives on keeping Bruma safe, he’ll always been willing to stop and mingle with the people as well.

3. Jeanne Frasoric:  Jeanne is a friendly Nord who lives in Bruma. She is the head of the Mages Guild there, and you can always find her in the lobby trying out new spells. Though if you are exceptionally afraid of Scamps I don’t suggest you venture to far into the Mages Guild hall, unless of course you want to meet one face to face. Jeanne is absolutely fascinated by them, and she often summons them without even realizing it! I heard mumblings from some of the other Mages Guild members that she is too inexperienced to hold title of Head of the Guild, but I don’t agree with that one bit. From what I saw during my time in Bruma she seemed to be quite the magic-wielder. Of course, what do I know? I’m just an old adventurer after all…

4. Petrine: A Nordic woman who sells paint horses at the Wildeye Stables just outside of Bruma. They only cost you 500 septims, but it’s only because they are the most pathetic horses I’ve ever seen. They are as weak as an imp and I swear that I can almost run as fast as one. And also, be weary around Petrine. She tends to get grumpy with those who are not of the Nordic race. I think she migrated from Skyrim, but that’s just being stereotypical I suppose.

6. Torbern: You can find this Nord at Aerin’s Camp, a tiny campsite in the Jerall Mountains. I stumbled across this camp by accident, but thankfully Torbern wasn’t at all the hostile fellow. Like many in the Jerall Mountain region Torbern is a Nord, but unlike Petrine he isn’t at all rude or mean. He even gave me a few pointers in the art of acrobatics. Later on when we left the camp one of my companions told me Torbern is a master of acrobatics. I wish I would have known that when he was teaching me and I would have gladly paid him for his services.

*Settlements and villages*

1. Bruma: The ruler of Bruma is, as I’ve already mentioned earlier in this guide, Countess Narina Carvain, an Imperial noble hailing from the area in between the Heartlands and Nibenay.  During my visits with the Countess I've come to see her as a strong-willed leader who is not afraid to speak her mind, nor is she afraid to bump heads with someone who doesn't see eye to eye with her.  I respect this in every fashion, and I wish many of the others leaders of Cyrodiil would learn from her. 

     The Bruman Guard is for the most part embodied with Nords, as well as the city as a whole for that matter.  This is of course because Bruma is very close to the Skyrim border.  The Bruma Guard's uniform is yellow and black.  Bruma is also the smallest city in Cyrodiil.  Despite this the city still has its share of characters.  There are plenty of beggars on the first level, along with several camping out near the Northern entrance.  There are also a variety of criminals and swindlers in the city, so be careful and keep a close watch on your belongings.  However, there probably isn't too much of a risk simply in part because Burd does an excellent job of setting up patrols throughout the entire day, even late at night. 

    One thing that is apparent in Bruma is that there are so many Nordic citizens, just like there are in the Bruman Guard.  Like I've mentioned before several times, this is because Skyrim is very close to the  north.  Of course, since the mountains stand between Bruma and Skyrim, it takes a lot longer than you think to reach each destination. Not many people make it through the mountains alive, so needless to say I don’t advise anyone to try it.

    The most interesting aspect of Bruma in my opinion is the Chapel of Talos. A statue dedicated to the God can be found just outside the chapel. Not many people know that Talos is actually the famed Tiber Septim himself. For those who don’t know, Tiber Septim was once the King of Cyrodiil, and once conquered all of Tamriel, thus ushering in the Third Era. Talos was the given name to Tiber Septim once he was accepted into Godhood. But that is something I don’t wish to get into too deep, because honestly I don’t really know much about the Nine Divines, even despite my Imperial background! Though if you really do want to find out more I suggest talking with either Arentus Falvius or Isa Raman, whom both can be found in the Chapel of Talos itself.

2. Applewatch: A quaint little farmhouse west of Bruma. The Imperial widow Perennia Draconis, the oldest member of the Draconis family, lives here alongside her dog named Jake. There isn’t much to say about this place, other than that fact that Perennia [I]loves[/I] to talk about her four children, as well as her husband, the late Sintius Draconis. Apparently he had been killed while hiking during a small avalanche in the northwestern part of the Jerall Mountains a few years ago.

3. Temple of the Ancestor Moths: Possibly the strangest place in all of the Jerall Mountain region, simply because that the temple-village’s inhabitants are all priests that take care of the farm and land around it. There’s a small chapel in the center of the village, but also there’s a suspicious-looking crypt in the northeastern part. As soon I as neared the entrance to the crypt all of the priests angrily told me to leave, as if I was some kind of spy. I know not what the crypt was containing, but I have my theories. The name of the village reminds me of a Moth Priest, a group of special priests who are the only ones allowed to study the legendary Elder Scrolls. I believe the crypt is holding some of those Elder Scrolls, but that is only a guess. My companion didn’t want to talk about it, so who knows what the truth is…

*Other places of Special Interest*

1. Cloud Ruler Temple:  After I had left Bruma from the northern exit I saw a tall mountain in the distance, and to me it just looked strange for some reason. I asked my companion to take me up the mountain and they just smiled. This was because inside the mountain was a fort called the Cloud Ruler Temple. I am not really supposed to talk about it, but I think I will anyway. It is the home for the Blades, an organization of bodyguards sworn to protect the Emperor at all costs. I don’t know why I was allowed into the Temple but I was. Unfortunately I cannot divulge anything else about the Temple, for I don’t want to get into trouble with the Blades. I am risking my neck enough as it is, so surely you can understand my hesitance to talk about the subject.

2. Gnoll Mountain:  A mountaintop east of Bruma. Gnoll mountain is one of the highest locations in Cyrodiil, and also offers a beautiful view as well. There’s not much else to say about it, but we did find an abandoned camp. There was the skeleton of a wolf, and next to the dog was a note. I could barely make out the wording, but this is what I saw:

“Redmaw, I will never forget ya’. Rest in piece, old friend.”

3. Dive Rock:  The highest point in all of Cyrodiil, and also the most beautiful as well. Dive Rock is a tall mountaintop in the most northeastern parts of the Jerall Mountain region. The view was absolutely spectacular, the most gorgeous scene I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Luckily for us the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. We could even just barely see White Gold Tower and the Imperial City miles away. My companion told me that if we were to have followed a thin ridge we could have taken in a view of a Skyrim valley, but they didn’t want to go any further. Something about a monster that prowls through the mountainsides.

4. Sancre Tor:  There is a lot of history with this ancient fort in the northwestern part of the region. The place used to be a shrine for Tiber Septim himself but was eventually taken over by the Underking, a being that is said to have manifested his evil inside the place long ago. Ever since the fort has been sealed off, and my companion wouldn’t take me inside no matter how much gold I offered them. And despite my wanting to enter the fort, I too could feel the evil vibe coming from inside. It wasn’t a very good feeling at all.

*Plant Life*

1. Clouded Funnel Cap:

2. Lavender:

3. Milk Thistle:

4. Motherwort:

5. Tinder Polypore Cap:

6. Wormwood:

*Closing Comments*

    In closing I would just like to say that I enjoyed the Jerall Mountain region much more than the Colovian Highlands. One thing I should add though, is that I did not delve into the old Akaviri Forts, and for good reason. There are several monuments and locations in the depths of the Jerall Mountains that tell a wonderful story filled with many mysteries of a race hailing from the distant land of Akavir. However, it would be too difficult, and idiotic for that matter, to try and explain them within a few paragraphs.

    Instead, I may write a report on the “Akaviri Invasion” down the road, an event that hit Cyrodiil many years ago. So until my next guide comes, please enjoy what I have laid before your eyes now, and hopefully it will bring you an immense amount of information to help you through your journeys through the snowy mountains.

With my warmest regards,
The Tamrielic Traveler