Guide to the Colovian Highlands

*Book One*

by- The Tamrielic Traveler
















*General Information*

    The Colovian Highlands are a relatively barren stretch of hills in the northwestern and western parts of Cyrodiil. It's actually quite empty in terms of settlements, with none whatsoever, and only one major city to speak of. I was extremely disappointed mainly because Chorrol is my favorite city that I have visited throughout my travels, but the area around it is just so...empty. I would have much preferred to see more settlements, but the soil in the Colovian Highlands isn't as fertile as some of the other regions of Cyrodiil, so I suppose I can see why there aren't as many villages as I'd like to see. Anyhow, there [i]are[/i] a few things to talk about, so let's get to it.


      There isn't much to say about the Colovian Highlands other than the fact that is mainly comprised of mountains and hills...lots and lots of hills. Also, as I've already mentioned, the soil isn't as fertile as, say, the Great Forest, so you won't find many plants either. The entire region is essentially a barren desert plateau. Nothing more, nothing less.  To the very northeast is the Jerall Mountains.

    To north of the southern part of the region you'll find a body of water called the Brena River. It separates Cyrodiil from Hammerfell, the home of the mighty Redguards. I was going to try and cross the river, but as I neared closer towards the river I started to get the strangest urge to turn back. So, that is what I did. I don't advise anyone to try and cross the river, for the currents are rather rough. Also, in the northwestern part of the Colovian Highlands there is a road that leads into Hammerfell, heading towards the city of Stonedale. But that of course is irrelevant to the guide itself...

    There is only one major road, called the Black Road. And it's not as if it stretches across the region for miles at a time. It barely even pokes through from the east, coming from the Imperial City and the Great Forest region. Other than this particular road you'll have to do your traveling carefully for the most part. It seems as if the Empire was too afraid to pave many roads near their Redguard neighbors. I don't blame them to be honest with you.



     Chorrol:  A city to the very northwest of the region, Chorrol is the smallest city in Cyrodiil, or at least next to Bruma I should say. But the coziness of the small city combined with the warm welcome from the citizens makes for a wonderful home; especially to those wishing to retire to a quiet and peaceful town, but one that is not too large with a lot of noise. If you are that person Chorrol is the home for you.

     Narina Carvain is the Countess of Chorrol, a widow to the former hereditary Count of Chorrol, whose name I have yet to learn. It is she who I would say is the backbone of the city's friendliness. Her smiles and cheerfulness certainly rub off on her people. But along with being a nice and friendly person, Lady Carvain is also not afraid to hold her ground if needed. She believes in a fair and balanced political system, and she does her best to see that everyone gets a 'fair trial' in any given situation. Whether the person is well-liked or not does not matter to her, which is another reason why I find her one of the most effective rulers in all of Cyrodiil.

    Patrons of the Chapel in Chorrol worship Stendarr, the God of Mercy, and belonging to the Nine Divines. Stendarr's background traces back to Nordic origins, and has since evolved into a sort of patron to the Imperial Legion. It has even been said that Stendarr accompanied Tiber Septim himself during his later years of life. However, that is simply a rumor told to me by a traveling bard in Morrowind. There may be truth to that, but there may not. And also, Altmer legends suggest that Stendarr is the Apologist of Men, but the High Elves are always creating wild ideas, trying to make us Imperials seem inferior to their so called 'intelligent beliefs'. I am obviously not at liberty to accept such a theory.

     Another interesting aspect I found about Chorrol is it's statue of the Saint of Sancre Tor. The statue can be found right in front of you as soon as you walk through the main gates, in the Fountain District. This particular district actually serves as a center-link to all other districts in Chorrol.

    Perhaps the most important location in the city is the Great Oak Place. There the citizens of Chorrol gather around a large oak tree each day to gossip about the latest news, and hear the most recent rumors. Over the years it has been turned into somewhat of a tradition. Around the tree are the Mages and Fighters guildhalls.

      It is also interesting that the Chorrol Fighters Guild is the Cyrodiil Headquarters for the Guild. There is also a house in the district called Arborwatch, a beautifully crafted home that is still up for sale for 20,000 septims. I was granted a tour of the home, and let me just say, it was absolutely marvelous!

*Other places of Special Interest*

    The following is a list of other interesting I passed by during my travels.

1. Wayshrine of Stendarr: A wayshrine dedicated to Stendarr, located in the southwestern part of the region, just to the east of the Hammerfell/Cyrodiil border.

2. Wayshrine of Kynareth: A wayshrine, whose worshipers are devoted to Kynareth, the Goddess of Air. She is the deity of the heavens, the winds, the elements, and the unseen spirits of the air. Like Stendarr, she belongs to the Nine Divine. Her shrine can be located just to the southeast of Stendarr's wayshrine.

3. Cloud Top:
A hilltop of high altitude that can be found in the northern part of the region, just to the northwest of Chorrol. I must that I highly advise you to watch out when traveling through this particular area. Upon nearing the top of the hill I noticed a charred body holding some kind of book that looked to have suffered many burns. I didn't stay for long, fearing that one of the fire Daedra was in the area.

*Plant Life*

    Throughout my travels I tried as hard as I could to find more plants than I have listed below, but I couldn't. You may stumble across more at a farm or something of the sort, but good luck with that. I myself couldn't find any settlements other than Chorrol, but of course there's always the chance that I simply overlooked something. The following is a list of plants that I found in the Colovian Highlands. It's not much, but you can't really blame me now can you?

1. Mandrake

2. Clouded Funnel Cap


 3. Motherwort

4. Viper's Bugloss


*Closing Comments*

     And with that my Guide to the Colovian Highlands is finished. I do hope you've found this guide informational as well as interesting. I apologize for the lack of content, but in truth you should blame the region itself for that. Now I need to decide whether to scale the mountains of the Jerall Mountains, or frolic through the lush woodlands of the Great Forest.