City Dweller's Guide to Cheydinhal














Guide to Cheydinhal

by Redsrock



 *General Information*

           The city of Cheydinhal is one of the more unique cities in all of Cyrodiil, mainly because the majority of its population is comprised of Dunmer, as well as the Count himself. The reason for this is because Cheydinhal is extremely close to the Morrowind border in the east, and therefore a great deal of Dark Elves migrate to Cheydinhal to enjoy a traditional Dunmer atmosphere, as well as live in one of the largest cities the Empire has to offer.

          The Count of Cheydinhal is Andel Indarys, the only non-Imperial ruler in Cyrodiil. He once lived in Morrowind, where he was part of House Hlaalu. His wife recently died in an accident, apparently falling down one of the castle's staircases. The Count's son is Farwil Indarys, a prideful yet arrogant person if you ask me.

          The Count sits at his throne everyday, in which you can walk up to him and talk. Even though he is an immigrant from Morrowind he is still quite polite to everyone, no matter what race you are. There are rumors that he is trying to sell a large house in the southern part of the Market District, but I myself did not ask him about it.


*Geography of the Area*


          Cheydinhal can be found in the northeastern parts of Cyrodiil, on the very northeastern edges of the Nibenay Basin region. To the far south of Cheydinhal is Lake Poppad and the Reed River. To the far north of the city is Lake Arrius. The Valus Mountains run along the eastern outskirts of the county area, while the eastern Jerall Mountains lie to north.

          Because the city of the Cheydinhal is surrounded by a lush and dense forest, as well as many foothills and mountains, the city can sometimes be difficult to spot, especially during the night or when it is raining. If you do not wish to venture through the forests I advise you to stick to the Blue Road. If you do this you should not have any problems whatsoever locating the city.

          From the west, the Blue Road leads into the western entrance of Cheydinhal, passing the Black Waterside Stables just before reaching the city gates. And to the north of the stables, only about forty or so yards in fact, is the Knights of the Thorn Lodge, a special residence to a private group of knights. There is also a tiny village to the southeast of the city called Harlun's Watch. There isn't much to see there, other than three houses and a small garden.

          Outside of the eastern exit out of the city is a back-road that leads to an old fortress called Fort Farragut. Be careful traveling to the fort, though, because it has been reported that several scouts have seen packs of mountain lions prowling in the foothills just to the southwest of the fort.

          A small stream of water named the Corbolo River slices through the inside of the city from the south to the north. Three wooden covered bridges allow access across the body of water; including one single bridge in the north, and two smaller bridges in the south. A small island is situated in the middle of the bisecting rivers, where one can stand an talk, or even have a picnic if they'd like.

          The southern side of the Corbolo river runs out of the city through drainage pipes, forming a rather large pond with many plants to be found around the water. Below is a list of the plants and a picture of them as well, for any alchemists wishing to gather ingredients for potions:

1. Alkanet

2. Columbine

3. Lavender

4. Lady's Smock

5. Monkshood

6. Morning Glory

7. Nightshade

8. Viper's Bugloss


          The northern side of the Corbolo river empties out into a smaller pond outside of the cities. However, unlike the abundance of plants in the northern pond, there are only three plants that can be found around its northern counterpart. Here is a list of plants, with pictures as well:

1. Nirnroot


2. Bergamot

3. Water Hyacinth



*Inside the City*


          Because Cheydinhal is far away from a number of the other cities, the journey is sometimes tiring. And because of this as soon as you enter the city from the western entrance there are two hotels. The one on the right is called Cheydinhal Bridge Inn and the one on the left is called Newlands Lodge. I myself prefer Cheydinhal Bridge inn, simply because I found the beds much more comfortable, and the breakfast was extremely delicious. And also, Newlands Lodge is a Dunmer bar, and the inhabitants there often talk down to Imperials and their beliefs.

          And if you decide that you're not tired, and rather than stopping at one of the inns you instead continue down the street of the Market District, you'll pass up a general good store on your left, and a bookstore to your right.

          Now you have three choices. You can either continue straight ahead and cross a long single bridge leading into the Chapel District, you can take the left path up a steep hill and into the Castle courtyards, or you can go right and continue down the street. For the sake of this guide, let's skip the left and straight paths, and instead take the route to the right.

          As you continue down the street you'll pass an armory on your right. Keep walking and you'll soon find the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild on your immediate right, and houses on your left and straight ahead as well. Beside the guild halls is a posed statue of Vanus Galerion, the founder of the Mages Guild, and sworn enemy of Mannimarco and necromancy.

           It is said that in the Second Era, Galerion led an army of battlemages through a cursed mountain path to meet Mannimarco and his own army. The two forces clashed, resulting in the defeat of the necromancers. However, during the battle Mannimarco had turned himself into a lich, granting him immortality. Galerion died during the battle, along with thousands of others. But his legacy still lives on, and the Mages Guild has since flourished since his death.

          Continue down the road to the east and you will enter the Chapel District. Here you will find more houses, a party house for the rich called Riverview, and the chapel itself. The chapel in Cheydinhal worships Arkay, sometimes referred to as the "Mortals' God". Outside of the Chapel is a statue of Arkay, and outside the southern walls next to the large pond is the Wayshrine of Arkay.

          If you continue to follow the path to the north past the chapel, you will pass a cemetery on your left and more houses to the right. At the end of the road you now have two choices. You can either take a left, and then head down the street back towards the Guild District across the long bridge, all the while walking along the banks of the Corbolo River. Or you can take a right and exit through the eastern gates of the city.

          If I were you, me being the adventurous type and all, I'd take the eastern route and march to the fort and have a look-see. But remember, watch out for those mountain lions.