City Dweller's Guide to Bruma

Tea Time with The Red 















by Redsrock

*Geography of the Surrounding Area*

    The City of Bruma and the area around it is comprised of snowy terrain, with plenty of hills and mountains. In fact, the massive Jerall Mountain range surrounds Bruma from the western, northern and eastern sides. To the very north through the snowy forests and mountains is Skyrim, home of the Nords. Because the environment is so difficult to travel on, I only advise seasoned adventures and those traveling in a large groups to venture off of the roads.  And that actually leads me to what I am about to say next.

    From the southern region near the Imperial City, the Silver Road leads to the eastern entrance of Bruma, which is also the main entrance. However, before actually reaching the gates you will pass the Wildeye Stables, where a friendly Nordic woman will sell you a horse for the modest price of 500 septims. 

    There is also a back road outside of the northern exit of the city that leads to Cloud Ruler Temple, a massive structure atop an extremely steep mountain.  Luckily there is an actual road that wraps around the mountain, so traveling upwards isn't really as arduous as you would think.  The temple is home to the Blades, protectors of the Emperor himself.  The temple, dating all the way back to the second Empire, is one of the last remaining examples of Akaviri architecture in all of Cyrodiil.  Here are a couple shots of the temple:

     Something that not too many people know is that just to the southwest of the city is an entrance to a cave.  The only reason I myself am aware of the cavern is because I had found it by mistake.  After traveling through the caverns I came to a trapdoor.  On the other side was the interior of a house in Bruma itself!  Needless to say I didn't venture any further, simply for fear of being caught as a trespasser.

*General Information*

    The ruler of Bruma is Countess Narina Carvain, an Imperial noble hailing from the area in between the Heartlands and Nibenay.  During my visits with the Countess I've come to see her as a strong-willed leader who is not afraid to speak her mind, nor is she afraid to bump heads with someone who doesn't see eye to eye with her.  I respect this in every fashion, and I wish many of the others leaders of Cyrodiil would learn from her.   

    The Bruman Guard is for the most part embodied with Nords, as well as the city as a whole for that matter.  This is of course because Bruma is very close to the Skyrim border.  The Bruma Guard's uniform is yellow and black.  The following is a picture of their coat of arms:



    Bruma is the smallest city in Cyrodiil.  Despite this the city still has its share of characters.  There are plenty of beggars on the first level, along with several camping out near the Northern entrance.  There are also a variety of criminals and swindlers in the city, so be careful and keep a close watch on your belongings.  However, there probably isn't too much of a risk simply in part because the Captain of the Guard, Burd, does an excellent job of setting up patrols throughout the entire day, even late at night. 

    One thing that is apparent in Bruma is that there are so many Nords.  Like I've mentioned before several times, this is because Skyrim is very close to the  north.  Of course, since the mountains stand between Bruma and Skyrim, it takes a lot longer than you think to reach each destination.

*Inside of the City*


    The way the city is set up inside is actually quite unique, in that it is split up into four different levels, which can sometimes cause confusion while traveling through Bruma.  For the sake of the guide, and to make things easier on myself, I shall write as if I am entering through the eastern entrance of the city.

    Once you walk through the gates you have three choices.  You can head straight ahead and up a hill; entering the second level where the Fighters Guild and Mages guild can be found, along with the chapel and an armory.  You can take a left from the gates and walk past an inn, and then walk through the housing area of the city.  Or you can take a right turn at the entrance and walk past more houses.  In this guide we shall follow the right path.

    After taking the right path on the first level you will pass several houses.  At the end of the path take a left and you will enter the second level, where an armory will be on your immediate right.  On your immediate left are the Guilds and a house.  Follow that left path and at the very end you will reach the Chapel of Talos.  Outside of the chapel's entrance is a statue of Talos himself.  Behind the chapels are houses, so there really isn't more to say about that.  Facing the chapel go west up a flight of stairs and you shall enter the third level.  Here you will find two shops and an inn.  Continue westward and you will find yourself on the fourth and highest level of the city, in which a path to the right will eventually lead you to the Castle.


*Plant Life*

    During my travels through Bruma I came across an immense amount of plant life, though it should be noted that I only scoured the area outside the city walls, and not too far into the wilderness.  There are multiples species of dangerous creatures scurrying throughout the snowy forests surround Bruma, and I myself stayed as close to the walls as I possibly could, only going so far to collect plants.  For the budding alchemists out there, here is a list of all the plants I found during my search, listed from rarest to most common. 

1. Clouded Funnel Cap:  While this mushroom is one of more common plants found in Cyrodiil, it is also one of only two plants that can be used to create Fortify Intelligence potions. (the other is carrot, just in case you're curious.) But despite this rarity they are only worth roughly one septim per mushroom, give or take a little depending on the merchant you're talking to. I found these mushrooms all around the city walls; not in any specific areas mind you, but rather simply scattered about and mostly near trees and old logs.

2. Motherwort:  Another common plant found throughout the land, (except for the Blackwood and Gold Coast regions), but unlike the mushroom mentioned above Motherwort doesn't really have anything special to say about it, other than there are two variations.  There were almost as many of these as there were Clouded Funnel Caps, and both were easily the dominant plants in terms of occurrence.  Like the mushroom, this plant is worth only about a Septim as well.

3. Wormwood:  There weren't many of these plants, but there is a special perk if you do find one, similar to the Clouded Funnel Caps in fact.  Wormwood is one of two plants that can be used to make Fortify Fatigue potions.  Like I said, there aren't a lot of these lying around, but keep an eye out just in case. Also, you can usually sell these for a few septims a piece, maybe even a little more if your a skilled bargainer. 

4.  Milk Thistle:  A rare plant found mostly in the Bruman region. I myself only found about five or so instances of these around Bruma.  From what I've heard from the local alchemists Milk Thistle is one of three plants that can be used to make Cure Paralysis potions, but don't hold me to that statement.  I've never tried it out myself.  Other than that nifty aspect, Milk Thistle really isn't anything special, and can usually only fetch you a septim or two.

5. Lavender:  Nothing special at all about Lavender, other than it is extremely rare in the Bruman region, and actually I only found two occurrences.  Like most of the others, Lavender is worth only a septim as well.  Because of this there's really no reason to look hard for it. There aren't any benefits in doing so.