Black Horse Courier Winner

Recently at TESFU, a competition for fan-fic writers was held. This page is for the winner, Brian S! He posted an excellent article, about dissolution in the Summerset Isles.














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 Now for Brian S's winning entry:

Dissonance in the Summersets Grows More Threatening

The arrogance of the Altmer of Summerset is well known and understood, thus is the cause for their isolation in great variance from the mainland of Tamriel and its environs. Consequently, news from the Summerset is scarce unless it is interacting, usually violently, with the other provinces. Thus, to the common citizen, it would seem that the Summerset Isles are in an unusual state of harmony. This is exceedingly far from the truth, however. Turmoil from within the Isles itself is reaching a feverish level, and the Summersets see themselves fit to burst at the seems.

The struggle within Summerset is not one between blades, but one between minds, between the old ways and cultures and the unhealthy encroachment of progressive youth. I believe it true that the eye of public interest turns to the red of blood, and that the struggle within the Isles may come off as dull and insipid. But the flames within the minds of the strugglers are red as ever, and they may soon dowse the land the same color. And if so, who can say the end will justify the means?

Across our empire the Altmer are coldly known for their supposed racial superiority and ostracism toward those who do not uphold their ways and views. Yet since the incorporation into the empire, the forthcoming generations have grown more progressive, seeking a more prominent, less arrogant role. Naturally, these views oppose as magnets. Therein lies the great, dangerous schism which threatens to break the Isles in two.

On the modern, progressive extreme lies the terrorist organization known only by their peculiar moniker, “The Beautiful.” Their origins lie in what was but a celebration of the new Altmeri spirit, but moved into a dark, disgruntled group seeking change by violent means. Their revolution logically takes root in destroying the past, the ancient relics and monuments which pepper the isles throughout. Naturally, their greatest goal would be the removal of Crystal Tower, the greatest and most magnanimous idol of Altmeri power within the world, a glorious recreation of the Adamantine, which in itself seeks to bring the world back and closer the state of total aether and divine unification. Thankfully, attempts to overthrow the Tower have yet to succeed.

In lieu of such high goals, it is reported Summerset nobles have become the newfound food for the Beautiful beast’s transmogrifying gluttony. Shimmerene, located in east-central Summerset near the stretch of water separating Moridunon from the mainland, has lost its king’s daughter to the meddling of the gang. The murder has been reported as very grotesque, one of the worst in all the history of the isle.

One of the most infamous enemies of the Altmer, ancient in their antagonism, is the Sload. Of them, the High Elves are deathly afraid. It is said simply their name inspires nightmares in the hearts of children. Still today they remember the horrors of the Sack of Skywatch. Worse enough, the Sload are reported to be making a comeback. Still today, and even without their necromantic hero-god, the Sload remain an ominous threat since their relative decimation. Redguard sailors still spin frightening tails of the slugs making residence on Stros M'Kai, Abibon-Gora, and other Abecean Isles.

What is most fearsome, albeit unfortunately overlooked by most, is the role the Psijics must and will play in the future of Summerset. This reclusive Altmer sect has kept to itself on the mysterious isle of Artaeum for centuries, barely, or perhaps just not visibly, playing an active role in politics. This may soon change. In recent years, given the disenfranchisement with contemporary society, the Psijics have recruited over 30 new members, a stark contrast to their typically strict initiations. Indeed, in the past thousand previous years, only seventeen have joined up, making the recent recruitment almost a 50% increase from that. Take into account one of the Psijics main motives: that of regulating power to those they see as good and fit to rule. Given the Psijics natural dislike for the contemporary Altmer, their goal in such vehement recruitment is obvious: to overthrow the current Altmeri government, and make themselves dangerous powers in the now ever-changing political face of Tamriel.


I'd like to give my thanks to Brian S, as well as those who judged and entered the competition.