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The Elder Scrolls Fan Union is put together by quite a few wonderful contributors, and fans like you guys help support it. Here are the administrators of the website, as well as the moderators of the forums.


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The Elder Scrolls Fan Union has an interesting history, originally started as a union (small mini-site) of gamespot.com.  The following is an account of the gamespot sect of TESFU before we moved off-site (we're still there now, just a bit less dedicated.) Remember this is written by the former leader of the GameSpot branch, and now head admin of the website, hendrix29, so it's from his perspective.


Jan.31st- The union is formed by me, partially just because I wanted to make a union. I've got no clear vision with it, but eventually I'll develop that. My original charter members were: GazzaB(who I'm still friends with til this day), Ronnet(not sure what happened to him), Lotr_101(same with that...), and DaGamer322(a good friend, but very busy.) We started out with exceptionally good activity for the first few days, partially because of the announcement of Shivering Isles as an expansion for Oblivion.

Feburary- So, basically, this month was probably our most active, but honestly, I don't really know, I was on vacation without posting for 9 days here. We started off the month with starting the union, the homepage existed as a place to post articles for Shivering Isles news and interviews. In less than a week we reached level 2 as a union, when the levels still existed. I had plans for a new feature called lore pages, that wasn't completely realized yet. Highlighted posters for this month were lettuceman44, and mewantcookie, who remain as officers in TESFU to this day. lettuceman still helps make the lore pages, which he gets from the Imperial Library. Mewantcookie is a jack-of-all trades poster, knows tons about TES, and is an excellent designer. They both were excellent additions to the union. Along with this, we had some other valuable posters known as Clagger, Lightning_Realms, and Darklord_888.

March- This was another excellent month for anybody's standards. We grew in members very consistently, and I believe we passed over 350 members this month. Although not as active as February, we still managed to have some excellent posters, and dark_lord this month became officer. Also, this month Shivering Isles came out, so there was plenty of buzz in the days surrounding it. I did sadly demote lotr_101, because he had posted a total of once during the entire span of the union.

April- Perhaps the best month the union had, April had two shining new recruits, one in JediMoogle, another in Tzif. Julian_Jr also showed plenty of promise as a good poster, as well as Pandamar, and even more interesting recruits, like interesting mod onlooker Fratinside. This was the month that we introduced two new features, one being mods of the week, which continues to this day as the Elder Scrolls community's mod interest continues to grow. We also had Scenic Views, which existed as a gallery, that never really panned out. We had quite a few competitions this month, such as the Shivering Isles review competition, and members ballooned even higher to up toward 750.

May- If April was the strongest month, May was likely the worst. I was preoccupied with playing varsity tennis this month, so I had much less time to post. We did see the growth of the union as a whole, as Nazz9 became very active toward the end of the month, and was eventually promoted to officer in June. However, darklord and DaGamer were both demoted. JediMoogle was promoted, which was an excellent thing, and he proved to be a knowledgeable officer until late June. Mewantcookie was constantly the standout officer, and julian_jr became an officer himself. Recruitment was much less this month, only going towards around 875 members, setting up for a ballooned June. I also added dungeon dailies this month, which eventually evolved into the weekly dungeons of today.

June- June was a much less hectic month for me, and I went on a recruiting drive towards 1000, which we reached on the 16th. Both Tzif and Nazz became officers, while Pandamar and sfgiantsfan managed to be standouts. We introduced two new features this month, Elder Scrolls Literature, which is an extremely popular feature on books in TES, and Modder Interviews, which we've got six of, and I plan on expanding further. I also found out about the top 25 union views list, which I found we entered at number 22, which I loved to see. Continuing through the months, TESFU has continued to move on through that list. However, abrupltly in late June, I went on vacation to Italy, leaving JediMoogle as temporary leader, after mewantcookie's sudden inactivity, and other officers to tend to the union. During those two weeks, very little was accomplished. Only 3 articles had been posted by the time I returned, and Moogle had major family troubles. This began in a decline with jedi on the union, but he remained a great friend.

July- After coming back from vacation, I focused all my efforts on rebuilding the union to its fullest. The first few days showed major improvements, as I invited hundreds of new members, and member count increased from 1100 to 1300 in a period of around 10 days. New members such as grim wolf 88, and tacodude started off very well, along with the_pro_310, who stopped by and was quite active. Pandamar and sfgiantsfan battled for an officer spot, and it was very tough for me to make a decision, when eventually I decided on Pandamar with sf's consent. The summer, although quite active, was also tough because of the many vacations, and the abscense of key officers like mewantcookie, JediMoogle, and julian. Nonetheless, we still managed to have a great month by any union's standards.

August- A tough month for me, because I was oft-busy, and tired out from last month. We ended up with 1500 members in August, had plenty of new interviews, features, etc. Towards the end of August, mewantcookie, julian, and Tzif were active again, which has certainly helped out the union. GazzaB however, resigned at the count of himself saying he was not fit for the job, but thankfully, he's still managed to pop in from time to time. Otherwise, we still were effective, but I was somewhat tired from the month before.

September- This month started off strong, and then I realized that with everyone's including my own school workload, that we should lay off a little. JediMoogle ended a few month hiatus from posting, and started posting his own daedric sermons called Mooglus's Sermons, perhaps the most unique feature we have to this day. Then Moogle oddly vanished, and eventually this led to his demotion in late October, a sad decision I had to make. By the end of September, we had 1700 members, gotten to 16th on the top 25 views list, and we were nominated for union that should be gamespot endorsed for the union awards. This was something that was undeniably strong in our favor, and I feel that we had established ourselves as one of the elite gaming specific unions on gamespot, and we were pushing for an endorsement. Julian helped out majorly by posting his city dweller's duides.

Oct/Nov.- I'll keep this one short, because I'll continue it the next time I update this, but demotions were, Pandamar, and JediMoogle, promotions were sfgiantsfan, and the entire month had the emergence of PS3 Oblivion player hypedupturtle who eventually became officer and is posting weekly fan-fics. We have over 1850 members. cos_vanquish also joined, and is currently an extremely active and knowledgeable member. I also replaced lore pages with the lore reporter, an original lore article that was my original vision of lore pages. The end of November, knowingly or not marked the last few days of the Gamespot branch being the only branch of TESFU. Fed up with the delay of Unions Version Two, and the firing of Jeff, the new forums were formed the next month.

December- On the second of this month, I formed the TESFU forums, but did not open them to the public for two days until everything was exactly right. They started as a smashing success, as former active members returned, and we garnered much help in the form of official forums members whom I recruited. Ethelle, redsrock, slujs_br, Ironed Maidens, paw-prints-in-the-mud, and many others contributed to a start that had nearly 4900 posts in 30 days and 150 members. 


January- This is the month site building got underway, with starting out with two administrators for the site, and continuing from there. The forums after New Year's got just as active as the start after a short lapse in activity, in fact in just 4 days we had nearly 1200 posts. The union birthday happened on the 31st, and those at the forums enjoyed member awards, new propositions, and fun all around. 'Twas a great first year, and hopefully will be another.

February- An interesting month, February set records for our union's activity. The amount of members joining at a time was quite slow, but I still managed to send out quite a few PMs per day. We gained a new admin this month, FC4, who helped us with the fan-fic section of the site and updated our fan-fic archive.

March- March was an interesting month, starting off loud on the posting front and then tailing away. Ironed Maidens won our Fan-Fic competition and we gained three new moderaters; Ironed Maidens as a General Moderater, Ibis as a Modding Moderater and Redsrock as Moderater of the Fan-Fics section. Also, Julian was promoted to lead Admin and hendrix announced his retirement as lead admin, stepping donw to admin.

April- A real low for us at the start of the month. An April Fools Day joke caused Julian and Lettuceman to be demoted and Julian more or less left. Ironed Maidens left, as did 5 or 6 other members.  Also, the forums were attacked by spammers as well as members having posting issues. After a short period of thought and inactivity, hendrix sadly announced his departure. Two new administrators were elected shortly afterwards, sfgiantsfan8291 and Hypedupturtle. 

May- Things started off strong, but soon the initial high faded. Things began to spiral from here. The broken moderating team was created (including new additions ninjalord666 and Aceball69) and they all did their best to counter the inactivity.

June - This month was even worse than the last. Very inactive.

July- If possible, the forums were even slower at the beginning of the month and this very site became caked in cobwebs. The moderating team chopped and changed around, inevitably with more or less the same few people being mods. However, we're all giving it a good push and TESFU is picking up again. We're working hard and with new determination to get back to the way we were. TESFU is fighting and slowly getting there!

This history is continuing, and not meant to be finished, but I'll continue to update it the best I can. If you wish to contact us, please leave an e-mail to TESfanunion@gmail.com, OllieMiltonAbbas@aol.com, or PM us on the forums.