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August Updates:

8/13: Something big is going on at the forums. What could this be? Furthermore, what could be big enough for the admins to ask the article writers to stop posting their entries on this site, but continue making them? Whatever it is, it's going to be great, but for the moment, only us admins are in the know. At the moment, we're keeping quiet about the details, but keep visiting the forums every now and again to find out more...

8/10: The latest Lore Reporter has been posted, an overview of the Great Houses. No, TESFU has not moved into real estate. But hit up Brian S if you're ever looking for that special villa in Balmora. He sell cheap!

8/10: Hypedupturtle has posted his first RP Guide, the first in an actual series. Along with being an outstanding leader of TESFU, Turtle also possesses talented writing cababilities, and those are shown perfectly in this guide. Come on and check it out...

8/9: We have a Lore Competition on our forums. Test out your skill today.

8/8: Our cool friend Reds has finished his guide to The Jerall Mountains. And if you haven't already noticed, today's date is 8/8/08. If you ask me that's a sure sign that this guide MUST be rather fantastical, if you catch my drift...

8/3: The Havish Mod review by Ibis is up now. Check it out here.

July Updates:

7/29: Woo-hoo! I completed my first guide for The Hermit's Helper guides section. You can find it here, The Colovian Highlands. Whoever reads it first and leaves a comment gets $5o(monopoly money) :P

7/29: A new section to the site has been added by good ole' Redsrock. The Hermit's Helper gives readers a taste of the Cyrodiil regions in-game, as well as some other cool information to go along.

7/24: Goblins, Trolls and Imps, oh my! Just goblins actually, in our latest Lore Reporter. Now where did Toto go...

7/20: That cool kid is at it again, this time interviewing Summer, a moderator at the BGSF forums.

7/18: Guide to Bruma has been posted by our good friend, Redsrock.  Isn't he just the coolest kid you've ever met?

7/16: Lore Reporter #13 is up! This one focus on how Azura's appearance has changed over time. It's 100% serious.

7/15: The City Dweller's Guide to Cheydinhal by redsrock has been posted.

7/11: The latest lore reporter is up, being a chart detailing the various Aedric aspects.

June Updates:

6/24: Latest interview is up, conducted by Redsrock and with renowned fan-fic writer BSD-IES

6/20: Next Lore Reporter is up, about the threat of the Serpent

6/2: New Lore Reporter is [finally] up, on the universe of TES

May Updates:

5/30: A new Interview with the modder Fliggerty has been added. 

5/28: The newest weekly video has been added to the videos page.

5/20: A new video has been added to the videos page.

5/13: A new video has been added to the videos page.

5/11: An Interview with Rohugh  has been added.  Rohugh is a Moderator at the official forums, BGSF.

5/6: A new video has been added to the videos page.

5/4: An Interview with Ironed Maidens, a lore-buff and fantastic fan-fiction writer, has been added.

April Updates: 

4/30: A new video has been added to the videos page.

4/28: A new entry for the Mages Guild Questline guide is up. It covers how to get in and basic information about the Guild.

4/22: The new weekly video has been added to the videos page.

4/20: A new page has been added for the Mages Guild Questline. Whilst currently empty, it will soon have walkthroughs for the Mages Guild questline.

4/16: A new video has been added to the videos page.

4/9: The About TESFU page has been updated.

4/8: An Interview with Modman, founder of Darkstar Studios, has been added, and the Fan-Fic Archives  have been reorganized to be easier to read.   

This month, the site is undergoing a bit of refurbishing. Nothing major, just a tidy up. If you notice any discrepencies, we apologise, they will soon be gone, thanks to FC4, who has kindly volunteered to help out.

March Updates:

3/31: An interview with Astion, modder and creator of the Dragon break, has been posted.

3/29: Morrowind Bestiary is up.

3/23: The latest Highlighted Mods has been posted.  

3/22: Oblivion Real Estate is now up once more, check the TES News Ticker for that and more modding news.  

3/20: Check out some old news you may have missed on the news ticker.  

3/19: The videos page has been updated, with a new video, check the page out yourself.  

3/17: New Lore Reporter is up, this time about Hermaeus Mora. Enjoy, and Happy St. Patricks' Day!

3/16: The latest version of Highlighted Mods is now up on the site! 

3/14: Take the Elder Scrolls test now! 

3/13: A brand new TES Videos section has been posted, and can also be accessed from the news tab on the right.  

3/13: A new Role-Play has started at TESFU, our first one based on lore, and carried out in the most lore-friendly way possible. It follows the Elder Council after the Oblivion Crisis.  

3/11: Visit the TES News and Editorials page for a post on the state of TESFU.  

3/9: Our latest Highlighted Mods has been uploaded for this week.  

3/9: The winner of our Black Horse Courier contest is Brian S! Check out his article here

3/6: As your new Lore Admin, I've put up the 8th Lore Reporter, On Lorkhan, and added to the Bestiary. 

3/5: I've put together a makeshift gallery for TESFU, and it won't be that great with the functionality, but it's alright for now. Click the picture for an enlarged version! 

3/3: Check our TES News ticker for a bethblog entry on Oblivion being gold...and what we plan to do in retrospective soon, and news on how ORE is gone.

3/3: The Morrowind Recommended Mods list has been updated, and now it lists a few graphic enhancers for your enjoyment.  

3/2: A brand new highlighted mods is out to start off the week! 

3/1: A long overdue article by slujs_br has been added about TES V to the Guest Articles page.  

3/1: A new search engine has been added to the homepage, and it will eventually be added to the major pages of the site for your convenience.

3/1: The City Dweller's Guide page has been updated. Now there are guides for almost all the cities in Cyrodiil.

3/1: A new quest walkthrough for the Dark Brotherhood has been posted.

3/1: The Guides section has been updated.

February Updates:

2/28: Download our union character at Planet Elder Scrolls, here.  You will likely need the AltStart  mod for Oblivion to play it.

2/25: A new lore reporter has been posted, a guide to the hierarchy of the Dark Brotherhood.  

2/24: A new type of mods of the week, called Highlighted Mods, is up on it's own page.

2/23: A new Interview with Redsrock is up.  

2/19: We've been mentioned by Bethesda Blog! Check the TES News Ticker for a link.

2/17: A new interview with proweler is up on the union.

2/16: Gerald Duval's Abrasive Guide to Battle Rps has been added to the Online rp guides, and the Fan-Fic Archive has been updated.  

2/13: Check the TES News Ticker, inside is a new article on downloadable content, and a link to an editorial on what may happen next.  

2/12: Ideal TES V Competition Winner page! 

2/12: TESFU Modding Team page has been added to the site.  

2/9: The latest lore reporter is now up, on Vivec.  

2/8: The Fan-Fic Archive has been updated.  

2/6: Our ninth mods of the week is now up, just scroll to the bottom of the MOTW1-10 page.  

2/3: A new archive is up, where many of our old January articles are stored. 

2/3: A  interview with FC4 is up on the union.

Wonder where all those articles went? The January-April archive has all those old articles stored over there for your use.

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